• Event which “creating an irreplaceable moment”

Event which “creating an irreplaceable moment”


Hello, nice to meet you.
This is Someya, I’m in the third month of joining Global Produce.
In the past, while doing advertising work at a tax-related seminar company, accepting and presiding, I went out to Comic Market, run around with cosplayed, and blew a harmonica.
It is a newcomer who can only answer “I’m working hard” when asked “Who am I?”
So nice meeting all of you .
I jumped into Global Produce without knowing anything.
After three months, what exactly is the “event” that the company wants to create,
I feel like I have understood it slowly.
What kind of image do you have in “event”?
Extraordinary, large scale, reward for myself, several festivals a year …
there are various images.
Global Produce produces a variety of events mainly with dramatic events, such as anniversary businesses and awards ceremonies.

These “events” are highly evaluated by people.
There are also opinions that “If they have money that you spend money like that, give it back to employees,” and it is a part that is easy to be cut when your business results become more responsive.

There are events can only be done for events.
It is about making “the irreplaceable moment”.
The size of the high ceiling and the scale of the decoration coming down.
Take a spotlight and feel your contours and the feeling of being warmed by the light.
The voice through the microphone is felt to reach people far enough not to see the face.
Unfamiliar costumes of familiar relative.
An expression I have never seen.
The back which is usually stuck to a desk and rolled up is an exciting feeling that is stretching for some time.
All that can not be tasted unless you stand there that day.

“Information” is a time when you can get it anytime, anywhere, as much.
If you operate the smartphone a little, you can see the view on the other side of the earth.
You can search for any news or knowledge as you like.

You can receive any information even you are not at that place.
That’s why
“Now, being there and experiencing with my own body” has started to shake my heart.
The event is made up of something that can not be tasted that day.
Create a large stage, prepare a huge screen, carry in the sound equipment, decorate a custom order, prepare a video with a focus on less than a second, and select music …
From the type of flower to be placed on the table to the surprise message on the back of the nameplate, we will create everything for “To enjoy the event to its fullest that day.”

An event is a so-called “disappearing thing”.
When that time is over, it will be lost.

However, the event is alive.
Even if there is nothing left behind, things remain in the minds of the participants as “the irreplaceable moment”.

When you look back on your company life, the first thing that comes to you first.
A turning point that says, “There is that day and there is now.”
A stage that is told in the company even after many years.
I would like to make such “the irreplaceable, best moment”!

I think that it is the job of event production that can be done, it is the role of Global Produce.

We would like to thank you for the Global Produce that runs around to produce high-quality, high-quality events that are always cutting edge.