• Japan’s largest video game festival! Tokyo Game Show 2022 Undercover Report!

Japan’s largest video game festival! Tokyo Game Show 2022 Undercover Report!



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This is Nakagawa, a new graduate.

This time, I went to Tokyo Game Show 2022, a game festival where many game makers gather from all over Japan!

My impression after visiting the show was that it was a blast!

The Japanese game industry is currently on another rise and is expected to grow even more in the future.

I was inspired by many things other than games, will go through them in this article.

Huge booths towering

Numerous exhibitor booths were lined up!

Actually, I had no idea how exciting the gaming industry was.

However, I was surprised when I went there. The booths were filled with the extremelt loud sounds (it’s a shame that the pictures don’t convey!).

Absolute excitement, truly a mega festival of the game domain!

However, some of you may be wondering.

“Why is an event producer coming to a game festival if he doesn’t even play games?”

Of course, it is to gather information! Not…… games, but to gather information related to event production!

Many of today’s games are of such visual quality that they almost look like reality, and there are plenty of camera angles and CG effects that can be used as references. In addition, at the Tokyo Game Show, each company has a booth set up in an ingenious way to show their games at their best. It is safe to say that the game industry is at the forefront of digital and IT-related technologies. The flamboyance and attention to detail are outstanding compared to other exhibitions.

There is no way not to check it out!

Points of View for Event Producers

As an event producer, there are two points that caught my attention during my visit.

The first is the power of VR.

As GP launched the company “Global Metaverse”, the Metaverse trend is sure to come to events as well. The gaming industry is one of the first industries in which “VR,” which is related to this metaverse, is in vogue.

This time, I got in line at the “Meta Quest” to actually experience it, but to my surprise, I had to wait for 120 minutes,

(It was like waiting in line for Soaring at Disney Sea.)

In the end, we were pressed for time and were not able to experience it.

Meta Quest, a VR experience / The person running the event wears a “fully immersed” T-shirt.

The second point is the decorations that adorn the booths.

Art decorations play an important role in creating a space for an event where realism is revived.

From huge decorations to detailed and beautiful decorations, the booths stood out for their attention to detail.

I was particularly interested in the “Flowing LED Panel” in the lower left photo.

I can’t post a video, but this panel has images flowing from the left.

Now that SGDs are becoming important, art other than woodwork decoration is being considered.

There were many other ingenious art pieces standing in line, which were very informative.

The enormity of Makuhari Messe

And this was my first visit to Makuhari Messe, and it was indeed a very spacious place, and I was overwhelmed by the scale of the event itself, since the entire area is used.

I would like to hold my own event here someday.

I have to be diligent to achieve this goal

Will next year be even more exciting?

This year, I visited the Tokyo Game Show for the first time and was inspired in many ways.

With the acceleration of digitalization, next year’s event will surely be even more exciting.

Every time I go to different events, I feel that inspiration and ideas are accumulating inside me. I will continue to receive inspiration from all kinds of places! Thanks for reading through!