Introducing some of the events we have recently assisted with!



National Chain Owners Association

800 people gather in Tokyo
The owners of major chain stores gathered at Prince Park Power Tokyo.
The applause from the stores across the country was sent to the owners who won the award this time.



Japanese dance entertainment is hot right now!
About 400 famous dancers gather from around the country in Pacifico Yokohama!
A hot battle for two days took place in front of a discerning 8,000 audience.
The excitement of PLB, especially the contents of the second day, was so shocking …
The main battle of the 1on1 battle of the level that is too high,
SPECIAL GUEST SHOWCASE only seen in this PLB was so luxurious
Now, one new form of “Region 5on 5 BATTLE”, which casts a stone in the dance battle scene that can even be saturated, convolves all of the witnesses into a whirlpool of “surprise, emotion, satisfaction”.



Hot presentation of young IT entrepreneurs
A new IT business originating from Hikarie.
It is business presentation event of IT venture company.
Stylish stage decoration and a novel presentation made the day lively.


“Seiki no Sakura × Mirror Ball”
Life insurance company National Award Ceremony

At the award ceremony held in March, a space presentation full of sense of seasons with cherry blossoms
Decoration using luxurious mirror ball and cherry blossoms ended up very popularity.