• Recommendation of LIVE delivery in corporate events

Recommendation of LIVE delivery in corporate events


Today I would like to introduce the recommended service at the time of LIVE delivery to only limited people!
It is Mayo Miyanaga of the general affairs department manager & IT chief.
(Oh … main job is EVENT PRODUCER ^ ^)

Generally, the purpose of LIVE delivery is “We want to see more by a large number of people.”
However, at corporate events the opposite is true, and for branches that can not participate, there is also a great need for “LIVE delivery and On-demand delivery only to specific people”.

In the event industry, there is more need and we practice various ideas and productions.

However, it is LIVE delivery that there is a feeling of resistance if you are not accustomed somehow …
I want to ask the company I’m used to every server to buy risk for money
But this is a waste (* _ *)
The current service is excellent!!

I think there are a lot of people called “USTREAM” speaking of LIVE delivery somehow, but now there are many services speaking of LIVE delivery now

Nico-cast, YouTube, Tsui Cass, Twitter-cast,Twitch etc. … About 20 domestic and foreign combined!

※On April 1, 2017, Ustream was acquired by IBM and became “IBM Cloud Video”

So what service do you recommend the most?
All right
My favorite is YOUTUBE LIVE!
The merits and demerits of performing LIVE distribution for corporate events are summarized below!!

[The merits and demerits of YOUTUBE LIVE] (when compared with USTREAM)

○Picture quality, sound quality is much beautiful than USTREAM
○Even if the receiver’s environment is bad (eg, 10MB down) it is easy to be played without stopping
(YOUTUBE automatically sets the image quality according to the receiver’s environment)
→ ★ USTREAM also has this function, but I feel that YOUTUBE will not stop
○There is no advert
○You can also rewind while watching (this is the biggest POINT!)
◯Distributing at the same time as the delivery, a 5-hour lecture can be delivered on demand as it is (also super POINT!)
(Replacement to data trimmed afterward is also possible)
◯Recorded videos are saved and not deleted
×A delay of about 10-40 seconds comes from real time
×Similar to ☓ YOUTUBE, the bar on the left side is completely irrelevant (possibly withdrawal)
×It is not possible to hide the number of viewing times
○Backup delivery can be done at the time of launch (Primary delivery, backup delivery)
○It is also possible to make it private with the end of delivery
○Of course, the URL changes when you re-edit and raise
○Can hide the number of viewers
○Feel familiar with the operation

[The advantages and disadvantages of Facebook LIVE] (when compared to YOUTUBE LIVE)

×FB can not be made public, anyone can see
×Even if you are not an FB member, you can see it
×The period for which the archive remains is 3 days
×Picture quality, sound quality YOUTUBE LIVE
○Come into the timeline
○The video starts playing
×Still developing
×It is not possible to hide the number of viewing times

[USTREAM advantages & disadvantages] (The merit & disadvantages as compared to YOUTUBE)

◯ USTREAM allows original pages to be created within USTREAM → ★ YOUTUBE LIVE is also possible
○USTREAM is more secure
→ ★ YOUTUBE LIVE can not apply password only with limited URL
○There is little time difference with real time (about 4 seconds)
○You can set to turn off the number of viewers and the number of times
×Ad free plan (200,000 yen) without advertising
×Delivery will be recorded at the same time, but up to 3 hours
(Replacement to data trimmed afterward is also possible)
→ ★ Recordable Videos recorded will be deleted in 30 days
→ ★ It is possible to leave data if you pay the cost of paid plan every month
-TWITTER linkage is possible (conversely, it is possible to turn off that function)

[ Common point ]

・ If you know the URL, the limited public URL can be viewed by anyone ※ The security aspect is not tight
(Create a special page within the organizer’s HP, and put a password on it for security)
・ Receiver needs terminals such as WIFI environment and PC
・ There may be many people who can not see depending on the recipient’s environment (even on demand)
・ If the download speed of Pocket WIFI is about 10-20Mbps, both can be viewed
・ There is no guarantee for basic because it’s free service.
・ We do not know what will happen on the day because it is a net (there is a risk)

However, if you want to watch a long seminar or the like on a PC or tablet using video
It is painful to think about, and it is not so fun!

[Entertaining not to get bored]

If you say in the old-fashioned way, you have collected keywords and made it a viewer present!
Here is the recommended method.

✔ Narrator assault interview at the time of a break


✔ ️Establish a special STAGE for LIVE distribution, and make content only for LIVE distribution

shutterstock_562441918 SAMSUNG CSC

✔ ️If special equipment is used, it is also possible for such a screen split to not get bored

By the way, it has only become sentences.
Somehow, did you understand?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! ^^