• Metaverse acceleration in the fashion scene

Metaverse acceleration in the fashion scene


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Metaverse is another thing that has been talked about recently. We’ve brought up the topic in our past articles. We actually just started a new business development based on our determination to focus on the Metaverse a bit more in the future.

Now, the actual policies and projects in the Metaverse are not as well-known as one might think. The term “Metaverse” is a broad term, and with new things appearing at a dizzying pace, it is very difficult to keep up with the latest news.Therefore, we have selected some projects from the fashion scene that are probably best suited for those who want to “quickly” learn about the cutting edge of the metaverse. We will introduce how important the metaverse is today and what is being done with it.

“Dreams” and “ideals” are the tailwind concept. Check out the fashion scene and stay updated!

The reason in introducing Metaverse through the fashion scene is because the fashion scene is always at the forefront of trends.

This is true not only for dresses, accessories, and makeup, but also for the latest technology. From the maisons to the celebrities, everyone is competing for their own ideal of the Metaverse. It may seem a bit too simple of a strategy, but we feel it’s essential to check the trends in the fashion scene in order to understand the present state of the Metaverse.

What’s happening “now” in fashion with the Metaverse

Now, let’s look at a few examples where the fashion scene and the Metaverse collide.

The Metaverse Fashion Week

Let’s start here. At the end of March last year, the world’s first official Metaverse Fashion Week (a.k.a. MVFW) was held at Decentraland, the first decentralized Metaverse. The 50 participating brands included ETRO, Dolce&Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more.

After registering on Decentraland and creating your avatar, you will be taken to the “Luxury Fashion District” in the Metaverse. Here, you can chat with other users and enjoy window shopping at DKNY and other brand stores in the district.

The interesting thing about Metaverse Fashion Week is that the models are sometimes animals and you can enjoy impossible outfits that you cannot wear in the real world! But your avatar can wear it all!

The greatest appeal of this event is that you can enjoy it in a slightly different way from the actual fashion week. Also, being able to chat with friends in a different world from the one you are used to is a lot of fun!

Even the first MVFW was visited by many people in the fashion industry from all over the world, and now that events are shifting to digital, I think the quality of digital fashion shows will continue to improve at an incredible rate. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Metaverse Fashion Week!

VAULT ART SPACE, Gucci’s Metaverse Gallery

Did you guys know that Gucci is opening a gallery on Metaverse?

The online gallery, located in the experimental online space Vault, is a marketplace for Gucci and NFT artworks. Not only can you view the works of contemporary artists, but you can also purchase and collect their works.

The gallery’s first exhibition, titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” features works by 29 artists representing 100 years of Gucci history and beyond. The exhibition is easily accessible from home, so please visit and enjoy.

Celebrities Getting into the Metaverse Market

By the way, not only are the maisons entering the metaverse market, but at the same time, famous celebrities are also taking notice of this market.

Karlie Kloss’ Metaverse Project

Take supermodel Karlie Kloss, for example. The show model has taken the online gaming platform Roblox by storm, and for a limited time she launched a fashion design project called “Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase” on the platform. A collection of clothes for players to wear in the game. The items include one paid item for 50-100 robucks of virtual currency and six free items (free!). 

Bella Hadit reveals her NFT

Bella Hadid is a celebrity who dominates the runway with her mode look and flawless style. She has launched an NFT art project “CY-B3LLA” based on her own 3D scan data. What this is all about is providing ultra-realistic avatars of Bella models in the Metaverse.

She commissioned 10 creators to create digital art using 3D scan data of her own body. This resulted in a variety of different types of Bella. Very interesting! Below is how the production is going to be done.

“Virtuoso” Paris starts her own Metaverse Business

Whilst the trend being the 2000s, Paris Hilton is another celebrity doing business in the Metaverse. While she is known as a “boisterous celebrity,” she is actually a businesswoman, an investor who supports entrepreneurs, and a businesswoman with many other facets. She is currently developing an original metaverse space named after herself, “Paris World,” on Roblox.

NFT collections launched by maisons

Image from Wallpaper

Food, clothing, and shelter are absolutely necessary in this world. It is the same in the metaverse space. In other words, for brands, games are the first step into the digital world. One thing that cannot be overlooked when talking about metaverse with fashion is the clothing worn by avatars in games.

In the game “Fortnite,” Balenciaga, Moncler, and Adidas are offering their own items in NFT, as are Gucci and Ralph Lauren in “Roblox. ” These items offered by these brands are called “skins”.

Valentino for “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and Louis Vuitton for “League of Legends” are also participating. The list of brands is astonishing.

More and more people are wearing clothing purchased in Metaverse on social networking platforms!

In fact, brands specializing in digital fashion are popping up one after another now! One of the best to check out is TRIBUTE.

This brand allows you to purchase clothes online that you would never be able to wear in the real world.

It’s just so cute to look at, so I’m dropping some for you here!

Tooooo cute~! And here are the prices, we all wonder about, $119-665 in US dollars.

That’s much…. You can’t actually wear it, right? Don’t you think it’s a bit too expensive for something you can’t actually wear?

But as you and I know, the world is gradually moving inside the computer screen. You can’t live in the future with a fixed image of the world.

Things that were unthinkable just a few years ago are happening at an incredible rate these days. We must somehow keep up with the times.

In Closing

How was it? I hope you now have a better understanding of the relationship between the metaverse and fashion, and what’s happening in the domain.

The addition of the metaverse to the world where only the real world exists will open up a widening world of new possibilities! And in this new world, the fashion scene is developing a variety of initiatives without hesitation.

It is only a matter of time before the quality of the metaverse space approaches almost undistinguishable to the real thing.

To keep up with the times, keep an eye on the metaverse bulletins that the fashion scene trends about!