• There was an event on the rooftop of Shibuya PARCO where you could enjoy AR fireworks!?

There was an event on the rooftop of Shibuya PARCO where you could enjoy AR fireworks!?


Hello everyone! I’m Miyanaga from GP.
Have you ever assumed that fireworks were just a summer-limited tradition?! Last winter (2023-2024), there seemed to be a chance to watch fireworks in Shibuya. Moreover, they weren’t ordinary fireworks, but were created using AR.

Held on the rooftop of Shibuya PARCO, a collaboration of light and sound: MIRAI HANABI in SHIBUYA PARCO

mirai hanabi in shibuya parco
Photo: Press Release

The event was held on the terrace of Shibuya PARCO’s 10th floor. It was a brand new event called “AR Fireworks Event Coloring the Winter Night Sky of Shibuya,  MIRAI HANABI in SHIBUYA PARCO.”. 

This event was a new form of entertainment that extended the commercial usage of AR, featuring music by Hideki Matsutake, known as “the fourth member of YMO,” and AR character creation by Kaoru Naito, a globally active XR creator, making it a rather luxurious arrangement. 

The event may already be over, but the details are posted below, so if you are interested or want to learn and experience AR, please feel free to visit in the future!

【Event Details】
Event name: [First release] AR Fireworks Event Coloring the Winter Night Sky of Shibuya, MIRAI HANABI in SHIBUYA PARCO –
Period: February 1, 2024 (Thu) to February 14, 2024 (Wed)
Location: Shibuya PARCO 10F ROOFTOP PARK (15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Fee: Free
Official website URL: https://miraihanabi.com/
Time: About 8 minutes
Available times: 17:00 to 21:00 during the period

What kind of event was MIRAI HANABI in SHIBUYA PARCO?

A smartphone was essential for experiencing the AR fireworks. Viewing the nonphysical fireworks was made possible through smartphones, which we always have on hand nowadays. For this event, you would have used the smartphone app “STYLY” (https://styly.cc/ja/mobile/), and scanned an event-dedicated QR code at the event venue, which would have allowed you to see the AR fireworks.

The fact that it was held in Shibuya, where launching real fireworks is challenging, the special experience of integrating light, music, and AR, and the involvement of well-known creators made this plan full of memorable highlights. Incidentally, the Shibuya PARCO 10F ROOFTOP PARK, the stage for the event, had planned further lighting decorations to enhance the music and AR fireworks, among other exciting content not listed here!

The true significance of AR fireworks


Finally, I’ll share the hidden significance of AR fireworks.

Recently, taking environmental issues into account, many people have come to view traditional fireworks as tactless, especially in urban areas where large gatherings can lead to city function paralysis, littering, air pollution, and health problems.

In urban areas where launching real fireworks is difficult, the attempt to hold a fireworks event using AR technology—which would be the “AR Fireworks Event Coloring the Winter Night Sky of Shibuya,  MIRAI HANABI in SHIBUYA PARCO”  event—represents an effort to overcome these challenges. This AR fireworks event, transcending traditional fireworks, may well be a solution to the problems posed by Japan’s beloved entertainment culture regarding fireworks. The next time they’re available, why not come and enjoy the AR fireworks at Shibuya PARCO? Well then, see you again.