• Where does everyone want to go? 7 Must-Visit Spots in 2024!

Where does everyone want to go? 7 Must-Visit Spots in 2024!


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Hello everyone! This is Miyonaga from GP.

With the arrival of the new year comes a wave of exciting new openings set for 2024. Now, what intriguing spots will entertain us this year?

So, today, let me introduce you to some of the hottest spots of 2024 that are catching the industry’s attention.

Check out the hottest spots of 2024 now!

Yoyogi Park transforms into a night market?! Experience the “Tokyo Night Market”.

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The second edition of the highly popular “Tokyo Night Market,” which was held last year, has been confirmed for 2024. The event will take place from May 22nd to May 26th.

Lining the zelkova trees of Yoyogi Park will be an array of art installations, live stages, and collaborations with Shibuya’s music culture, offering an experience of Tokyo’s nightlife culture and charm at the night market.

Night markets, packed with the culture of each country, make you want to travel to places like Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Now bustling with tourists from both domestic and international locations, the idea for this event was born from the desire for a sparkling night market in Shibuya, which has become a symbol of Tokyo.

It seems that it was the first time for an event to be held in Yoyogi Park until 22:00, despite numerous free festivals taking place there. However, after witnessing the great success of the first edition, they decided, “Alright, let’s do it again!”

The timing of the event is also perfect, as it marks the end of spring and the beginning of early summer. Enjoying the evening breeze with a beer in hand amidst the changing seasons makes it an undoubtedly fantastic event.

Next to the racecourse is an outstanding entertainment facility called “Theater H.”

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In June 2024, the entertainment industry is abuzz with excitement over the introduction of a new theater complex, “Theater H,” focused on theater and musical performances!

Despite over three years of setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of live entertainment has been widely recognized in society recently. However, there remains a gap between demand and the number of theaters available, prompting the urgent establishment of this new theater complex.

Leading the introduction of “Theater H” is Haruyoshi Nakayama, known for his involvement in pioneering 2.5D musicals such as “The Prince of Tennis,” “Hakuoki,” and “Yowamushi Pedal,” which continue to be performed today. With Nakayama’s expertise, anticipation is high for what kind of theater this will be!

“The Toyosu Market Comes Alive with ‘Senkakumanrai'”

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The new attraction of Toyosu Market, “Toyosu Senkakumanrai,” is set to open on February 1, 2024 (Thursday).

Operated by the Manyo Club chain known for “Manyo no Yu,” this facility consists of a large complex comprising approximately 200 shops in a shopping zone, a 24-hour day-trip hot spring, and accommodation facilities.

The commercial building, spanning one underground floor and three above-ground floors, offers dining and retail experiences showcasing fresh ingredients unique to the seafood market. Meanwhile, the bathing facility, spanning from one underground floor to nine above-ground floors, features open-air baths and saunas using hot spring water from Hakone and Yugawara, as well as rock baths, esthetic treatments, massages, and other delightful relaxation options.

“Toyosu Senkakumanrai” embodies Japan’s soul with its combination of “delicious seafood” and “luxurious baths for ultimate relaxation.” Once it opens, it’s likely to attract a flood of international guests!

“TeamLab Borderless” offers a unique experience with digital art.

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In its first year, TeamLab Borderless attracted approximately 2.3 million visitors! In terms of attendance in 2019, it was certified by the Guinness World Records as the “most visited museum by a single art group” globally.

With the closure of “Odaiba Palette Town,” TeamLab Borderless relocated to Azabu Juban Hills. It opened on the basement 1st floor of “Garden Plaza B,” updating its concept to “wander, explore, and discover within a borderless world.” The aim is to create new experiential value, making it even better than before!

Creators Gather at “Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Hara-Kado”

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“Harakado,” set to open at the former Lacoste and Condomania sites at the famous Takeshita Street intersection in Harajuku, is already creating buzz.

Spanning from basement level 3 to the 9th floor, this large-scale facility designed by architect Akira Hirata boasts a stylish exterior and rooftop. However, it’s not just the aesthetics that make Harakado exciting; its interior is brimming with creativity.

Inside, you’ll find “COVER,” a library housing over 3,000 magazines, the members-only creative lounge “BABY The Coffee Brew Club,” and facilities dedicated to content creation, including a studio for shooting, editing, and streaming short videos.

With this development, we can expect a wave of Tokyo-style creativity to emerge around this area. Additionally, there are many intriguing spots to look forward to, such as a creator café operated by the well-known confectionery brand “Harukado,” famous for its “Unagi Pie.” When it opens, it’s definitely a recommended spot to visit early on!

Relaxing in Harajuku: “Kosugi Yu Harajuku”

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To remain unchanged, one must keep changing. The new move of the 90-year-old traditional public bath “Kosugi Yu” is to open a branch (or rather, a public bath?) in the heart of Tokyo, specifically in Harajuku, a hub of youth culture and communication.

Located within the “Harakado” complex previously mentioned, the second branch of the renowned public bath “Kosugi Yu,” originally from Koenji, will be on the basement floor. While we don’t yet know the interior design or the type of baths available, it’s definitely a spot worth visiting. Whether after a long day of work or a day of fun with friends in Harajuku, the idea of saying, “Let’s go take a bath!” in a nostalgic, Showa-era style feels quite stylish…! It’s bound to become a new favorite spot in Harajuku for chilling out.

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Seeing Sound, Listening to Time

The “Ryuichi Sakamoto Exhibition (tentative)” will be held at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, exploring the mind of the late musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, who passed away in March 2023, and his significant achievements on the world stage as a musician.

The exhibition will feature new works conceptualized by Sakamoto himself for this exhibition, as well as his representative works from the past, dynamically organized and deployed throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces of the museum. Additionally, a chronicle exhibition will trace the pioneering and experimental creative activities of artist Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Although the exhibition is scheduled to take place from December 21, 2024 (Saturday) to March 30, 2025 (Sunday), it might be a good idea to mark your schedule now to witness the remarkable achievements of Ryuichi Sakamoto, a pride of Japan.