• Valentine’s Day, Halloween… What’s Next?

Valentine’s Day, Halloween… What’s Next?


There are many “festivals that are enjoyed around the world without knowing the origin”.
The same is true for Valentine’s Day, and Halloween has been well established in recent years as an event.
Such “from any source, let’s enjoy! ” will come next time! It is here that it is is said

“St. Patrick’s Day / St. Patrick’s Day”!

How is it?
Don’t you have heard of it before? …… Hm?
Responsible for trends, it is the role of GP members to always look ahead of trends!
So I went to the event of St. Patrick’s Day held on March 17th and 18th in Yoyogi Park and Omotesando!
Because of the event, foreigners are walking in Omotesando more than usual.
On the street of Omotesando, a flag is raised to commemorate this festival.

It is a flag that I have seen before.
Yes, it is the Irish flag.

What do you image when speaking about Ireland?
Pipe instruments?

Famous Guinness black beer?

Hmm? But this Guinness, although it is a beer, it colors like melon soda …

If you notice it, people who wear green hats and green items like the Wizard of Oz Emerald City were flooded in Harajuku!

It looks like the theme of this festival is green and Ireland.

If you look at it, March 17 where the event was held is not only Ireland home country

And the Chicago River

and so on, the sights of the world seems to be dyed green.
I was a little surprised by the lush green color of the Chicago River …
There are also many Irish paps that serve green beer as shown in the previous picture.

St. Patrick’s Day (St.Patrick’sDay March 17) is an Irish holiday, to explain the origin of the festival a little more seriously.

It is a day to celebrate the life of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint, who introduced Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century.

Why is it dyed green here and there, because St. Patrick’s costume is green and has a clover-like plant called Shamrock.
Clothes, hats, scarves … St. Patrick’s Day is a promise to wear something green.
Originally, green is the symbol color of Ireland. Ireland is a country full of greens, with the nickname “Emerald Islands”.

So what does this specifically do for St. Patrick’s Day?
In Ireland, it is a staple to go to the parade and to go to the Irish pub.
Even if you don’t dress up like like Halloween, you can feel free to join it, as it only takes green into your clothes and accessories.
When I went out to the event site and felt that it was an event that everyone, including friends, lovers and family, could enjoy.

Now it is a rare festival held in fashionable places such as Omotesando, but in a few years it may be one of the festivals that everyone knows!

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