• One million yen for the contract! Executive candidates, urgently needed!

One million yen for the contract! Executive candidates, urgently needed!


Hi! I’m Yuka Yamadaira, GP’s Recruitment Officer and Assistant Producer.

The event industry has been severely affected by the recent corona crisis.

However, GLOBAL PRODUCE was one of the first in the industry to launch online events, and we have been working on the research and development of “LIVE CONVENTION” (online event business) and the launch of the service.


In terms of our event business, we have been expanding our business mainly in the field of “Live CONVENTION” and we have received many requests from many companies.

Our global productions have grown by more than 130% since our founding in 2012, and we have gained the trust of many of our clients.

We also feel that there is tremendous potential for the future of the Real x Online production business.

So there!We will be conducting a GLOBAL PRODUCE 2020 special scouting session, which is very important as a business strategy!


イベントプロデューサー 募集


  • 26-32 years old
  • Graduate of a four-year college or university
  • irrespective of nationality
  • At least 5 years of experience working for an event production company or an associated company
  • Submit documentation of past work performance

Application Outline (3 categories)

(1) Field Sales Division
Strong sales records and solid networks.
Experienced in receiving orders from major companies

(2) Produce Category
You must have a strong track record in event planning and have confidence in your performance/planning skills.
Experienced in planning large corporate events

(3) Direction Department
You must have a strong track record in event production/field experience and have confidence in your production skills.
Experienced in large corporate event production/site experience.


What kind of human resources Global Production is looking for

  1. Professional Experience
    Proven track record and ability
    The person who can make use of his or her experience to work immediately.
  2. Business Stance Suitable for Venture Businesses
    Those who are able to take the initiative and create business
    You are always willing to absorb and learn new things.
    If you can make GLOBAL PRODUCE the “World’s No.1” event company with us
  3. Aspiration to create the future with GP
    Those who share our vision of global production

 ~Making the world a brighter place through the work of events

グローバルプロデュース ビジョン

Examination Details

Submission of Application Documents
Preliminary screening: Interview with GP management
Second round: Interview with GP representative
Final: Aptitude Test + Final Result Notification

Special hiring benefit

Prize money: 1 million yen

As we are an event production company, we wanted to make our hiring process “eventful”, so when you are hired, we will give you 1,000,000 yen as celebratory money.

Basic Salary: 300,000 to 700,000 yen per month


Other: From the HP

Various allowances

  • Job/Positional Benefits
  • Wedding Gift Money / Birth Gift Money
  • consolation money

Pay Raise/Bonus

Once a year (April)/ Once a year (March)

Holidays / days off

<More than 120 days off per year.

  • Five days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Holidays/GW
  • Summer vacation/New Year’s vacation
  • Wedding Anniversary Leave
  • Maternity leave and childcare leave
  • paid vacation

If you have to work on Saturday or Sunday, you will be asked to take a day off instead.

GP メンバー

Compensation, Benefits and Internal Systems

  • Full travel expenses paid.
  • Full social insurance (employment/worker’s compensation/health/employee’s pension)
  • Annual physical examinations and physical examinations (once a year)
  • Recognition system such as in-house MVP
  • Internal Events
    About 300 people will be invited to our Christmas party and summer festival, etc.

work location

Head Office: 1-15-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

グローバルプロデュース オフィス

Work hours

10:00-19:00 (8 hours of work)


3 minutes walk from Harajuku Station!

Free drinks (coffee machine available)
iPhone, laptop, and Wi-Fi router provided
Refreshment area available
We have everything you need in-house, including other equipment

Application Outline

イベントプロデューサー 募集

Event Producer wanted!
The deadline for entries is Wednesday, September 30, at 7:00 p.m.!
If you would like to apply for this special vacancy, please fill out the following information at https://www.global-produce.jp/contact/ and send it to us.

Your name, company name, email address and phone number
Please write “Application for special recruitment” and select either

1) Sales, 2) Planning, or 3) Production.

If you have any questions, please contact Yamadaira in charge of recruitment.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from everyone who will carry the future of GP!

Click here to apply!