• Publish the event production professional plan!

Publish the event production professional plan!


We show you the plan of the event that GLOBAL PRODUCE handles!

“Create an event, make it shape.”
The plan book is a blueprint for aligning the direction of everyone involved in the project. It’s not just drawings, program tables, and the entire schedule for the day. We need to disassemble and understand the details of how do we succeed.

“Event is Science”
Each small design and detail show basic competence as a producer.

Let’s take a look at each page.

It is important to have a cover design that is trusted and conveys the concept of the event plan and the overall picture of the project. Motivation to exceed the organizers’ expectations is also important.

“List up important keywords for production design.”
The important thing in planning and design is to write down everything.
Sometimes it exposes it all.
It is to identify what is the bottleneck.

Then convey the concept image with illustrations and photos.
A famous planner said that “A good project is expressed in one sentence.”
All logical thinking skills appear in detail.

We devise how to charm and angle.
Decide the “view of the world” that the event has.
What do you really want to tell? What is creative that shakes emotions?

Explain the specifications and purpose of technical equipment
It’s hard to get trust only by a key phrase or image.
Explain specific “specifications” and lead to trust.

Stories and designs that draw into the world
It is a creative and extraordinary fascinating place that you can imagine from the perspective of participants.

Break the concept into production elements.
It is event production to make a change.
Shape the whole picture and storyline.

The key to the success of the event is to create a system.
A detailed system is in place from the time of planning, and cooperation between the organizer and external STAFF is vital. Clients buy reassurance with the cost of the event.
To be a group that shares responsibility and complements each other’s functions.

Space design that expresses the concept
Continue to stimulate the right brain.

Document the contents from OPENING in order

Verify feasibility with detailed drawings

Design a program (= story)

Aiming for a first-class event, a first-class event is completed.
An appeal that ignores the position and needs of the organizer is just a mere word.
“Present is a gift” “Perform the highest level of work that you choose”

At GLOBAL PRODUCE, as an event professional, all employees are working to improve their planning skills in order to lead the event to great success.
We would be very pleased if it would be helpful for those who are planning to make event plans in the future!