Released English website!


I am Sayoko who in charge of Overseas Marketing and Branding.

Finally, the English version of the website has been released!!

Well, I would like to talk about
-Highlights of the website
-What kind of page will GP aims for the future

-would like to introduce a little bit about me.


Have you noticed it?
In fact, GP’s English HP is not just a translated page.

In particular, the background of the top page uses videos, and images that are conscious of “Japan / Wa” such as Mt. Fuji, festivals, and scramble intersections are scattered.

In addition, photos of Japanese culture are on display on the PORTFOLIO page. It is for stimulates the client’s image and conveys the charm of conducting an event in Japan.

Also, in terms of language, we focused on the Greeting page.
We took care of how to expressions the passionate thoughts of our members can be conveyed in English.

-Sites that GP aims for in the world trend-

Did you know that the style of the homepage varies from country to country?

If you jump to the page of each country of the world company, such as the USA, Europe, China, the Middle East, Japan, etc., the features will appear prominently.

This time, I will explain a little about the Website page style of Western countries.

It is very simple and is characterized by a focus on the first impression. Also, the appeal point is very clear, and the visual operation is used well. Also, how to prioritize is very good.

When based on Western countries, the Japanese Website page is packed with letters, and it can be seen that colors and designs are not uniform.

-Japanese who ask for a lot of information.
-Westerners who are particular about first impression and simplicity.

In the future, when creating an international site, probably, the key is to distinguish between “fascination” and “information provision” pages.

GLOBAL PRODUCE that led by Miyanaga and Yamanobe who are in charge of the Website page will communicate through the site about the charm and significance of conducting events in Japan!

-My daily scenery-

Hello, again, my name is Sayoko Kume.
Currently living in Berlin, Germany and working remotely as a Marketing and Branding Overseas of GLOBAL PRODUCE.
Berlin is called to be a place for startups, and people from various countries gather here.

When I think about my daily scenery in Berlin, I can connect to the culture shock. So, I would like to tell you my TOP3 of it!!

No.1: English is not a foreign language, but a common language!!

The question that I was always asked in Berlin is how many languages can speak. And it does not include English. Europe is made by several countries and connects. So it is not so the particular thing that people can speak 3-5 languages. It was a shocking experience for me. My current goal is to be fluent in German.

No.2: Foreigners have high motivation for studying

Have you ever thought that foreigners can take a long vacation or return home on time? I was one of them. However, when you open the lid, there are many people who use the time to go to school and spend time to improve their hobbies and skills! The amount of heat to the input is not the ratio of Japan. I feel daily that living in the international community means standing on the same ground as these people.

I was also inspired by them, and my free time began to use my time to improve my skills to work or hobbies.

The photo is taken when we participated in a cross-industry meeting at WeWork.

No.3: A lot of nature in the city center

As you can see from the photos, Berlin is in the center of the city, but it is full of greenery. Outside of the park, there is a lot of green next to the building. A river crosses the city.

It is a place for people to relax and spend time slowly. I learned how it is wonderful that exchanging opinions there about work, daily life, and the vision of life with friends and colleagues for the next step.

It’s a valuable time to organize your goals because you can relax and give your opinions in nature.

So, these are my daily life.

Living in Berlin is often difficult, but at the same time, there is a lot to learn.

Input and output.

I would like to blow something into the GLOBAL PRODUCE, and will convey the charm of it to the world through branding!!