Sansan Innovation Summit 2019


It is Miyanaga, event producer, general affairs department manager, and web strategy department manager!

Do you know the Sansan service?

GP is also indebted to the company that provides a cloud-type business card management service that is famous for the CM of Yutaka Matsushige.

Sansan held an event for users “Sansan Innovation Summit 2019” at Grand Hyatt Tokyo on Wednesday, October 30th.

Today we will deliver the report!

What is Sansan Innovation Summit?

Sansan Innovation Summit is an event that invites Sansan users who are active at the forefront, and introduces and uses examples, knows how to operate in conjunction with services of other companies, and derives from it to talk about organizational management.
It’s a rare opportunity to ask how other companies use these services!

This is the reception desk.
Like Sansan, the scanner accepts business cards.
The staff was unified with an original design T-shirt.

There is a business negotiation area in the venue.
Senses are shining, such as placing the floor for the negotiation area on the carpet and changing the design of each chair.
Standing signs are also fashionable!

Simple and stylish decorations will catch your eye in the venue.
Nowadays, the design of services is very important. You can see the commitment here.

The novelty is also like this, simple & high sense … I like this kind of joke. haha

In addition to the Sansan booth, there were Adobe Marketo and Sales Force booths that can be linked to services.

Since we are also strengthening marketing, we want to introduce MA next year! !

Venue decoration that was particular about people.

Speaking of sticking, this panel and photo!
Actually, the people in this picture, the speakers of this event … in other words, people outside the company.
Usually, at these events, the speakers send photos, but at this event, the photos are taken in-house and incorporated into the decoration design of the venue.
Unique to Sansan, the business card is a tool that connects people.

I exchanged business cards with many companies at the networking party.

Despite the free participation fee, making a place that was useful for these participants was a great learning experience for a company.

We will hold an event called Producers Summit on December 16th, so I would like to refer to it!
Currently, companies that provide cloud services such as Sansan are also actively engaged in exchanges with clients, sharing opinions, and sharing know-how through these real events.
Because it is a service that is usually completed only on the Internet, the role of real events may play a big role!