attractive dance-HULA


It’s Kawakami who is an intern student at GP!

Actually, I have been hula for 16 years since I was young!

What do you associate with “hula dance” when you hear it?

I guess many people know hula dancing, but “Sisters wearing mu-mu are dancing swaying in the background of very tropical music” … I think that many people do not know the details.

This time I want to talk about the charm of Hula!

History of Hula

The history of hula is very old, and it is said that it was born in ancient times as a means for people to convey their faith and expression to the volcanic god Pele.
There is a legend that the dance started by Hi’iaka, the sister of Pelle, the god of fire, to calm Pele’s anger is the beginning of hula.
Since ancient Hawaii was a characterless culture, hula was born as a religious ceremony.

Hula dance started from such a sacred ceremony.
There are three charming points about Hula!

① Shape up & diet

Hula is always half-sitting posture while dancing!
Therefore, inner muscles are trained, and a lot of sweat comes out!
The result is a shape up and detoxes effect.

② Relaxing

If you move your body to a slow rhythm, your body and mind will be healed.

By dancing while feeling the meaning of each action
As if in the wilderness of Hawaii …

People who are dancing and those who are watching can be healed from the heart.

③ Beautiful posture

Each hula dance – hand motions has its own meaning.

Dancing carefully to the tip of the finger so that it can be transmitted to the viewer, such as “flower,” “wave,” and “sun.”

In everyday life, you can develop your expressiveness when giving your impression to others.
For dancers, everyday casual movements are also beautiful. The movements you have learned are reflected even when you are unconscious.

Have you ever wondered, “Why is Hula Girl’s hair so long?”
It is considered by Hawaiians that hair has mana-power in the hair. So that’s why they do not cut their hair.

For the same reason, the pow skirt of the skirt worn when dancing is not washed. Don’t worry, it’s not dirty.

In this way, hula is very mysterious and full of power.

Thank you! It was Kawakami.