• Tips for job-hunting students! How to get a Job Offer from Popular Companies?

Tips for job-hunting students! How to get a Job Offer from Popular Companies?


I’m Kurosu.

I am an intern student who has been officially appointed as a GP member since April of this year. I want to tell you job-hunting techniques through my experience.

But, to be honest, …

I do not have enough knowledge about job-hunting.
So, this time, cooperating with Na-chan and Kawa-chan who started working here at the same time! !

Selected questions by Kurosu! Job-hunting Q & A Top10 (^^) /

Q1. The type of industry is not completely determined. How did you choose?

“Kawakami: I visited and saw a lot of different industries by job-hunting events.
Even if you weren’t interested, participating in the briefing session made new discoveries, expanding your horizons and what you wanted to do. After joining them, you will naturally see what you want to do and which companies you can find an active part in. ”

Q2. I don’t understand my PR, please help!

“Yamamoto: I can understand that feeling.
The important thing is to make a big difference and impact compared to the people around you.
For example, to show an interesting skill or sing a song.
You need to show that “I have been preparing for this day!”.
I think that it is also self-PR just by leaving the impression. ”

Q3. Should I exaggerate/lie my stories so that the interviewer will like it?

“Kawakami: In interviews, exaggerating episodes is one technique.
But lies are not good. Because you can’t take responsibility for that word. Tell the stories that they are interested in without lying! ”

“Yamamoto: I think it is ok. However, if you fake yourself and join the company, be careful as you may not fit with that company!
So let’s prepare for a special skill that doesn’t need to lie! ”

Q4. What was effective in the interview? ?

“Kawakami: Short and accurate answers are important for any question.
You need to appeal and be special for a company. Cuz you will stand the line with hundreds of rivals.
In my case, I used specific numbers and words you don’t usually use in the conversation. ”

Q5. What are the essential items for job hunting?

“Kawakami: Lip cream and lipstick!
The first impression is very important.
I bought a job-hunting lipstick and turned it on and off during the interview to keep my energy up. In addition, I made the expression brighter with the color of lipstick and lip! ”

“Yamamoto: It’s a notebook!

I wrote the number of employees, founding year, business description, president’s name, etc. were spread on the left side of the page, and the selection flow and their appeal points to the company were written on the right.

Also, I put ☆ on companies that have a lot of handsome (haha). ”

Q6. I am considering whether I should take job-hunting or studying abroad

I will answer, cuz I studied abroad in the United States!

“Kurosu: You should do something you like.

It is more important to be what kind of person you want to be in 10 years than next year.
If you want to be an international person, you should try to study abroad.
But If you need experience of work, you should take a job-hunting.
However, you already know yourself the best way to avoid regret, don’t you? ”

Q7. Did you not get depressed during job-hunting?

“Yamamoto: I was so depressed that it was hard to balance school work and job hunting 🙁
I tried to think the refusal email was proof of approaching the goal!

Even if you don’t know how many companies remain, let’s imagine that you’re definitely going step by step toward a company where your future important colleagues and bosses are waiting. ”

Q8. I’m having difficulty running out of money during job hunting…

“Kurosu: I can understand.

For the money, I worked part-time until morning and joined to the first class, then fell asleep during it. . .
Moreover, job-hunting wasn’t successful because of my body and soul were exhausted.
What I mean is that you can earn as much money as you want after finding a job. So enjoy the last job search poverty head-on in your life! ”

Q9. How do you distinguish black and white companies?

*Black company:A company that habitually flouts labor standards.

“Kawakami: Honestly, I don’t know.
You’ll know after you get into that company. But in my case, I asked many questions during the interview.
After interviews and meeting various interviewers, I think there are things you can see.
However, if you do the job you want to do without compromise, you will feel white!! ”

Q10. Please tell me your core values in job-hunting.

“Yamamoto: My core values is to make people happy in the world with my ideas!”

In particular, the briefing is a great opportunity to grasp the atmosphere of the company and determine it against your own core, so I recommend that you join as a lot as possible! ”

In the end, from our boss

Cheering message for students from President Kouhata !

I am Kouhata, the President of GLOBAL PRODUCE.
I give you two points of advice.

Build good relationships that are trusted by others.
You can do things that you cannot do alone.

(Especially important for event production.)

Students who are good at “interest” in interviews and materials are not limited to friends,
I feel that I have a good “trust relationship” with my university teachers and parents, my seniors at the part-time job, my boss at the internship, and so on. I’m serious.

The behaviors and advice obtained from them are surely linked to their own actions. However, it is different to ask something around unilaterally.
It is important in a good relationship that you help yourself first.
Luck comes to those who value favor.

Reading many books.
With a few hundred yen of used books, you can get great value.

There is an image that a serious person reads a book, but it is not a true. A book is an item that can understand the experience and thoughts of the predecessor in a few hours. In other words, books are shortcuts for your life.

As advice …

Anybook is fine.

If it is not interesting at the beginning, you can quit reading on the way.
First, try to read three books about employment. (It’s better that’s not soo much heavy.)

And It’s a good idea to write down the five phrases you like from each book.

that’s all.

Honestly, I wanted to tell more and more,

but I thought deeply and narrowed down to these two points.

If you are interested in event production,
we are waiting for you at GLOBAL PRODUCE in Harajuku.



Masaki Kouhata

(From Fukuoka, 41years old,
hobby: car, dog, history, muscle training, and old TV show)

Thank you very much! !
It’s perfect to look back on yourself again just before you find a job, and if you can use the techniques of your predecessors well!

It was the tip of job-hunting!!

If you have any questions, please contact Kurosu, Yamamoto, or Kawakami via our website! !