Tips for creating highly effective events 1. “Clarification of purpose and goal”


Basic skills in event production

Skill of “Clarify the purpose and goal of the event”

The first thing an event producer does to produce an event is to clarify the purpose and goal of the event.
As shown in the picture above, I will be anxious if I can’t see where I’m heading to.

Setting the purpose and goal is the three stages of event production,

1st  Step Planning stage

2nd Step Stage of production and preparation

3rd Step Stage of implementation and operation

The most important part of the “1st Step planning and planning stage” is the part that holds the success or failure of the event.

In the first place, what do you think about the meaning of “Success” of the event?

Event Success = Achieving the purpose and goal of the event.

It seems natural, but if you neglect the stage of clarifying this purpose and goal, increases the possibility that the directionality will be blurred later.


So what should we do to clarify the purpose and goal?
It is easy to think from the goal image first, but the first thing to do is to

“understand the current issues”

In other words, it is necessary to know your current location and measure the distance to the goal.

In summary, it is such an image!
スクリーンショット 2014-09-29 10.24.29

Next time, I will talk about “How to grasp the current issues”.