• Tips for making highly effective events. 2 “Set up 5W 2H”

Tips for making highly effective events. 2 “Set up 5W 2H”


Basic skills in event production

“Set 5W2H” skill

Continuing from the previous “skills that can clarify the purpose and goal of the event”,
The basic skill in creating an event is the “set 5W2H” skill.

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I think many people have heard the word “5W2H”.

With 5W2H,
What do you do? (Execution details / title / organizer / program)
Why why do you do it? (Purpose of implementation / process of holding)
When will you do? (Preparing the year, month, day, month, day, and so on)
Where and where are you doing? (Place name, various specifications / layout)
Who is the target? (Participant / number of people / category / age / collection etc)
How do you do it? (Preparation schedule / promotion system etc.)
How much is your budget? (Budget / support / ticket fee etc)

Why do we need to set 5W2H?
For those who make events, there are two main purposes.

1 To grasp the current issues
2 To eliminate omissions in information sharing

1. Understand the current issues

It is event production to connect the present condition and the goal.
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In order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to grasp the current issues.
In addition, it becomes important to set 5W2H.
The current situation is organized finely by setting 5W2H,
you are able to find out what is missing and where to focus.


For example, in terms of electrical equipment
by disassembling all the parts and organizing,
parts that are missing, parts that have been broken a bit, parts that should be replaced with something with better performance, etc.
you can discover that it is absolutely unknown by looking at the assembled product.

It will be a necessary skill to create a highly effective event to look how deep and detailed can be organized with 5W2H.

2. Eliminate omissions and leaks in information sharing

Many people are involved in the event.
In some cases, if you are in charge of events, there are hundreds of parties that must share information, such as members of the administration office who is also in charge of the event, supervisors, vendors, clients, and sponsoring companies.

“What is the event to do?”
“Who will be in charge of what?”
“What kind of plan do you do until production?”
“How much budget do you have?”
“When and where do you do?”

If the purpose and the reason are not organized, misunderstanding will occur somewhere in sharing information.。

In order to prevent that, it is important to keep the information in 5W2H and to be able to share it all the time.

Even as production progresses, since 5W2H needs to dig in and improve all the time,
you have to organize it so that you can always look back even you decide once and not end!

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