Top 10 things event producers do!



I’m Kurosu.

I’m still an intern, but I’m also one of the event planners!
So, I’d like to share with you what makes an event planner tick.

So, I’ve been asking my seniors about “what an event planner is”!

No. 10: When go to an event, check around the operation

Entry lines, staffing, guidance, communication systems… You can see points that you wouldn’t know unless you were on the organizer’s side. It’s good to see the hard work of the staff.

No. 9: Can’t stop looking at the ads!

Not only concerned about the content of the ad, but also about the placement and design of the letters… We also take pictures when we feel like it.

No. 8: On walks, when we see a space, we’re tempted to look it up to see if it can be used for an event!

Finding an event venue is like an event producer’s duty. Some spaces are not detailed online, so you won’t want to miss out on meeting the venue.

No. 7: Hobby will be collecting novelties!

We live in an age where a wide variety of novelties can be made. ”You even have novelties like this!” ”This could work in our house!” And as you collect them, the room becomes full of novelties.

No. 6: When we see/join an event, we search for the company that runs it!

There are many companies that are doing groundbreaking events.
Good rivalry and friendly rivalry will help to boost the whole event industry!

No. 5: Always think about whether music is a candidate for BGM or not!

BGM is really important at events. A single piece of music can change the mood, uplift or calm the participants. Having a good BGM collection is one of the strengths of an event producer!

No. 4: Theme parks are a textbook!

Now that we are on the management and staff side, we are impressed by the commitment and hospitality of the theme parks.
Theme parks are a permanent event…there’s so much to learn from every corner!

No. 3: Can finish a lunch in a hurry!

Every minute of the event is a precious moment. But we can’t get strength up without eating!
That’s why we’ve been eating lunch faster and faster.

No. 2: be the facilitator at a party or meeting

We want to do something unrelated to work on days off, but when we get the feeling that the divider is going to get sluggish, we say, “I’ll do it.”
This is an occupational hazard! haha

No. 1: We know how to enjoy life!

I’ve seen the senior members of the GP literally enjoying their lives, and now that I’m actually involved in the event, I’m starting to feel that it’s a good life to have such a fulfilling job.
(Maybe I just don’t see the hard part yet, but…)

There’s nothing like having fun working for the majority of your life!