I went to the tour of TRUNK (HOTEL)


I went to the banquet tour of “TRUNK (HOTEL)” which opened at Harajuku / Jingumae!

In May 2017, a hotel with the concept of “Social Rising” and “Contribution” built by bridal major company T&G.
I was amazed of how stylish they are.

What ’s the “Socializing” …?

TRUNK (HOTEL) is a base for new social contribution style <Socialising>.
<Socializing>, “To live with a life-size social purpose without overdoing it like yourself.”
Interior design of the hotel. The amenities and mini-bars in the rooms.
Items that can be purchased in the store, coffee that can be taken out …
Here are various tricks that can experience socializing.
“For someone” “I want to be for something”, this is a hotel that give to all people who live now.
( Quote: https://trunk-hotel.com )

So I would like to introduce TRUNK (HOTEL) ‘s banquet and “SOCIALIZING” points!
A stylish appearance that suddenly appears along a quiet street that has passed Shibuya-Harajuku’s Meiji Dori.
A lot of green is very nice healing space creation
The terrace is nice!
I want bring my PC and work in here!
So let’s get inside by seeing sideways glance of HOTEL SHOP!
The lobby that opens in front of you when you enter the lobby … how fashionable!
Because of TRUNK (BAR), foreigners who are drinking from the daytime, people who work with one-handed PC, people who do MTG … There are people of various attributes.
It was a place where Mr. Nojiri’s passionate desire to create a space where people would gather became a form.
The toilet next to the lobby is super fashionable too!!

We will introduce four banquets from here!

[SORANIWA] 140㎡ regular meal 80P / standing meal 140P

An open-looking banquet room with a pleasant green atmosphere overlooking the sky from the full glass ceiling
A banquet with the theme of “GARDEN”
It is a space where T&G shaped the feelings of girls saying “I want to do a garden party but I’m worried about rain …”, and it’s full of green, it’s bright and it feels like it’s really in the garden.
Our women’s popular No. 1!

DSC06372  IMG_1905
There is no dressing room in my room too!
Personally, this door is my favorite (right photo)

The next banquet is here!
[MORI] 170㎡ Regular meal 112P / Standing 150P

A banquet room that feels the warmth of trees that makes you forget the urban noise
The foyer that got off the EV is fashionable on every floor
Here is a banquet with a forest theme
Do not dare tablecloths & show trays of navy trays tickle girls’ hearts! !
The accent of yellow napkin is perfect for the space.
DSC06378  IMG_1912
The biggest feature of this banquet is the authentic outdoor kitchen attached to the terrace
I can get a BBQ! (It only runs when using the banquet hall)

The third banquet is here!
[ KEYAKI ] 145㎡ regular meal 96P / standing meal 120P

The lighting made by Edo Kiriko and the tapestry made by the Japanese artist are cute! !
Why Edo Kiriko … in this taste …? I thought you there!
This is what TRUNK (HOTEL) casts(Socializing) !



They will provide products based on the “3R” point of view, focusing on “things”, thinking about environmental protection, that people can easily incorporate in their daily lifestyles.

(Quote: https://trunk-hotel.com/about/concept/ )

Adopting a lot of works of people with great technology in Japan
That leads to the realization of regional revitalization and social contribution …
Oh…! Is that what it means “Socializing”!
Among them, “local priority” seems to be at the root.


We are obsessed to “made in shibuya”, “made in tokyo” and “made in japan” and actively incorporate the technologies and products we should be proud of in our daily lives, contributing to domestic consumption in Japan.


We will look back on the Tokyo-like, Japanese-like, and Shibuya-developed culture again and focus on efforts to transmit its attractiveness.

(Quote: https://trunk-hotel.com/about/concept/ )

まWe are realizing a new form of “Social Contribution”!
DSC06388  IMG_1919
This banquet “KEYAKI” also has a pleasant terrace with annual rings of zelkova trees painted on the wall.
It is said that Shibuya trees are Moth, and the spirit of “LOCAL FIRST” is included here too!

Well, here is the largest banquet here!
[ ONDEN ] 265㎡ regular meal 176P / standing meal 250P

The same hotel next to the Onden Shrine where the gods of marriage, technology and beauty are enshrined
This banquet is an image of Onden Shrine and is incorporated in the design of various places
A high-class banquet room that combines the tradition and modernity of “Onden” history
A full-fledged Japanese garden spreads behind a large window.
Today’s banquet style setting with a layout of 140 seats
There is also a permanent screen (about 150 inches) at the venue.
It was setting of wedding today, but it is surprised that the bag of the item is eco bag instead of paper bag!
Truly “Socializing”!

They also showed us the chapel
IMG_1921 IMG_1922
“Forest Church” in the rooftop garden full of greenery that should be called Tokyo forest
Umm … this is so great! I want to have a wedding here!

What did you think.
It was a hotel full of charm of the type that has never existed in Japan where the feelings of Mr. Nojiri are really packed in various places! !

Today, I was able to introduce the banquet, but it is a great moment to put it on the STORE alone.
Please take a look from here!

One more thing:
There is also a grilled grilled restaurant for TRUNK (KUSHI), so I hope to disturb you soon and report again!
The staff’s costume was also fashionable, so I took a camera, Click Click!
Thank you for your information!!!
Thank you for reading my long story!