Turkish FUN wedding party!!


I’m Kurosu!!
This time I went to Turkey, which is famous for kebabs that everyone loves \ (^ o ^) /
A Turkish friend invited me to a wedding via Instagram. This era is amazing.

I will introduce Turkey easily.
In a country between Europe and Asia, the capital is not Istanbul!

However, indeed the middle country, Istanbul is divided into the European side and the Asian side in Istanbul, and the atmosphere such as the cityscape is slightly different.
If you are sightseeing, I highly recommend the European side ^^ ♪

Let’s go to the main subject.
I had my hair cut before the wedding

Doesn’t it look good? ?

The first difference from Japan!
In Japan, we usually rent dresses and prepare at the ceremony hall, but in Turkey we do our own dressing, hair and makeup in a nearby beauty salon, and the final tailoring is done at home.
It was finished directly by the mother’s hands.

Neighbors also participate together.

You will be greeted with trumpets and drums outside until the bride and groom come out of the house!
Neighbors also applaud! Passing cars are celebration horns ♪
How cheerful people!

As soon as the bride and groom appear, make a circle and the festive dance show will begin!

Seven cars are in a row for a festival!
Celebrate the surrounding cars with horns ♪
Arriving while doing so! !

Finally the wedding begins (* ^^ *)
The inside of the venue looks like this! !

Large venue!
It seems to be the largest venue in Istanbul!

One and a half hours passed …

If you think, the course dish arrives without any announcement!

30 minutes have passed …
Somehow announcement, oh bride and groom appeared! !

Enter with fireworks escort kids!
As an aside, the activity of “Escort Kids” in the event industry is increasing year by year.
Like in Japan, the priest probably was saying as a watcher.
“Do you swear to love?” (I didn’t understand at all in Turkish)
Appearance of wedding cake

It’s the same as Japan and Japan.
The only difference is the celebration.
In Turkey, gold coins or cash are pinned on clothes.
I prepared a celebration bag because it was Japanese style!
The reaction was not good,

If you think you have calmed down, musicians will appear.
Yeah, yeah, I sing a song with a very high tempo

Hmm? ? Hmm? ? ? ? ?

Well, the Turkish wedding is really starting! !
Are you dancing regardless of age or gender?
What an interesting wedding!

Everyone gets into a circle, dance with a couple, it seems to be fun

I was so frustrated that Kurosu also talked to the woman!

“Shall we dance ??”

The answer is

Yeah, yeah, I was invited to a land 12 hours away from Japan and became an uninvited guest … (T_T)
It’s already burnt from here
I danced with cool guy

Then, as soon as we talk about strange Oriental people, people around me, (; _;)

  • Religious drinks are soft drinks only.

I made a lot of noise on the face (laughs)
I danced until 11:00 at night.
A break? ? There is no such thing.

It was rare and danced forever …

I ended up exhausting with such a thing
The Turkish wedding was a really fun ceremony.
Everyone was willing to accept!
I became one of my relatives and it was my family photo 📷
Congratulations on your marriage! !