“What is a successful event? ”


Held at Makuhari Messe from February 27th to March 1st.
The last day of Japan’s largest event-related exhibition “Event General Expo”

My name is Kouhata.

At a special seminar received an offer from the event EXPO,
Thankfully the seats were full and the guidance staff responded urgently.
The other day, we received the questionnaire results after the seminar.

Fortunately very popular! Thank you!
Therefore, today, as a thank-you project (!?), I will release part of the seminar contents!
This special seminar was proposed by the event EXPO.

The title is “What is a successful event”

The first thing that came to mind when you heard the title was …

I want to know too!
(This slide is seriously included in the seminar materials. Haha)
By the way, if I say so, end of the story.

I decided to talk about the “Successful Event Rule” that I have seen from my many experiences and failures.
I think there is only one law for a successful event.

“Set goals and achieve goals”

“Hey! Mr. Kouhata!! We alreaddy knew that!!”

(This slide was also included in the seminar materials. Haha)

The important thing is from here.

What does “purpose” mean?
I think ISSUE in terms of consulting,
and it’s about Why in 5W2H.
The answer doesn’t drop from the sky.


“What problem do you want to solve?”

It is a matter of finding and deciding by delving deeply here.
And once you ’ve decided on your purpose, it ’s important to keep it down.

The event is intricately intertwined with various information and situations such as participant characteristics, product characteristics, bottlenecks, and priorities.
That’s why information can be organized by focusing on the purpose,
The ideal goal can be clarified, and the way to it can be drawn and a way of realizing it can be seen.

“Set goals and achieve goals”.

Realizing this simple word means that you have all the elements you need to succeed.

In the first place ……
Why have there been so many real events that take money, time and manpower?

That’s because everyone admits the power of realism.

Going forward, GP will continue to create events that really shake people’s hearts!
Finally, we will release a lot of points that everyone involved in the event should remember!

Thank you!!