• 【GMO Global Studio】What is a Fully Compatible Hybrid Studio Like!?

【GMO Global Studio】What is a Fully Compatible Hybrid Studio Like!?


In the present day, satisfying both online and physically-present participants has become essential for event hosting. To fully utilize their features, not only is the content of the program of importance, but also the selection of the venue. Located in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, the “GMO Global Studio” is a venue with easy transportation access, which allows for interactions utilizing both in-person and online features, facilitated by the latest technology. This article will thoroughly explain details regarding the GMO Global Studio!

What is GMO Global Studio?

The GMO Global Studio is a state-of-the-art hybrid event space located at Yoga Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. It is primarily geared towards business events and is equipped for hosting in-person, online, and hybrid events.

Where is GMO Global Studio Located?

The GMO Global Studio is located within the “GMO Internet TOWER,”, directly connected to Yoga Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line. The direct pathway to the station means you won’t get wet in the rain, which is a notable bonus! It can be reached in about 20 minutes by taxi from Shibuya Station, ensuring great accessibility from major cities.

Who Operates GMO Global Studio?

The manager of the GMO Global Studio is “GMO Global Studio Co., Ltd.”. This company was formed through a collaboration between GMO Internet Group Co., Ltd. and GLOBAL PRODUCE Co., Ltd., specifically for the management of this studio.

What kind of facilities are available?

The GMO Global Studio has three studios: “WORLD STUDIO,”, “SKY STUDIO,”, and “LOUNGE STUDIO,”, which can be selected according to the type of event. Incidentally, another feature is the availability of facilities such as lounge rooms, crucial for VIPs at inbound events.


The “WORLD STUDIO” is the main event space at the GMO Global Studio, equipped with state-of-the-art, gigantic LED monitors. It spans 325 square meters (audience area 283 square meters) and features one of the largest in-house displays in Japan—a massive 500-inch display (wall size 8.5m x 6m, floor size 8.5m x 5m) extending from the wall to the floor. A key feature of this studio is its ability to “maximize the potential of both in-person and online arrangements.”. By having a double-height ceiling across the 26th and 27th floors, the studio achieves high ceiling clearance and incorporates the latest in lighting and sound technology. It also includes crane cameras, essential for extensive camerawork in online events. Since it supports XR virtual compositing, attendees on-site can enjoy unique lighting and sound effects, while online participants can experience the events in an impressive virtual space.


SKY STUDIO is a space adjacent to WORLD STUDIO. Like WORLD STUDIO, it features a high-ceiling atrium. In addition to its high ceiling, one wall consists of large windows, offering an overwhelming sense of freedom despite being in a downtown studio. Moreover, a huge “LOVE” decoration that utilizes the height of the atrium not only attracts observers, but also ensures fantastic photo opportunities. It is the perfect size for talk sessions, photo shoots, and small standing parties.


When you visit the GMO GLOBAL STUDIO, the first place you enter is the LOUNGE STUDIO. Although it’s called a “STUDIO,”, it is designed as a communication space. This area also features large windows on one side, creating a great sense of openness. It includes a dedicated DJ booth and a variety of sofas, tables, cafe booths, and individual workstations, making it a comfortable place to relax and socialize in between main events. It can also be used for streaming events and doing media interviews, making it a highly versatile space.

VIP LOUNGE & MEETING ROOM (25~38㎡, total of 5 rooms)

As inbound demand for incentive trips grows, one of the important event venue facilities being emphasized is the “performers’ green rooms” and “special rooms for VIPs and guests.”. The GMO Global Studio focuses on these areas, outfitting them with hotel-lounge-style decor. One wall is made entirely of windows, creating a sense of luxury. Additionally, parts of the walls are mirrored to allow for thorough inspections of costumes and hairstyles, and walk-in closets are installed to neatly store luggage, demonstrating a commitment to convenience down to the smallest details.

What special features are there?

A distinctive feature of the GMO Global Studio is its specialization in “hybrid events.”. Hybrid events have risen in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, and while there are venues for in-person and online events respectively, there are not many specifically designed with hybrid events in mind. The GMO Global Studio, operated by GLOBAL PRODUCE Co., Ltd., a company experienced in producing a variety of events, incorporates elements that both online and physically-present participants seek. This allows for the effective realization of hybrid events.

Specialized Staff Maximize the Potential of the Facilities

Another major feature of the GMO Global Studio is the presence of “specialized staff.”. No matter how impressive the facilities, without staff skilled in utilizing them, their potential remains untapped. To unlock the potential of the equipment (the hardware), skilled personnel (the software) are essential. At the GMO Global Studio, specialized staff are consistently on hand, enabling the full usage of the facilities’ potential. Moreover, the studio offers more than just “space rental”; it provides one-stop service from event planning to day-of management, allowing even companies with little-to-no event experience to host cutting-edge events.

How Can It Be Utilized?

Now, let’s take a look at what kind of productions can be done within the GMO Global Studio!

In-Person Events

One of the standout features of in-person events at the GMO Global Studio is undoubtedly the dynamic and powerful visual presentations made possible by a massive 500-inch display. The display extends to the floor, enhancing immersion and creating an exciting atmosphere that makes attendees lean in with anticipation. Additionally, the LED display has high resolution, making it easy to view various documents.But that’s not all. Another highlight of in-person events is the ability to physically feel the lighting and sound. Utilizing the atrium’s space, the sound and lighting envelop the entire studio, allowing all participants to enjoy the interplay of light and sound.

Online Events

For online events, screen layout and camerawork are crucial. The GMO Global Studio has specialized equipment and staff that allow for switching assets (backgrounds) as needed depending on the situation, enabling the usage of different backgrounds to match the progress of the program. Additionally, with crane cameras installed at the venue, changing camera angles and focus targets is effortless. This functionality creates engaging visuals and allows for the production of impressive online events.

Hybrid Events

The beauty of hybrid events is that you can experience the best of both in-person and online events. In addition to the tangible effects unique to in-person events and the exciting digital creations unique to online events, you can combine the main studio (WORLD STUDIO) with other studios to create opportunities for interaction during breaks or after the event. Real-time exchanges between in-person and online participants will allow everyone, regardless of distance, to enjoy the same experience.

What Kind of Events Is It Best Suited for?

So, what kind of events is the GMO Global Studio best suited for? The main WORLD STUDIO is primarily intended for corporate usage. With a maximum capacity of 140 people, it is perfect for events where it is easy to separate in-person and online participants based on their respective positions, such as the following:

Award Ceremonies

Awards ceremonies are one of the events that can fully utilize the potential of the GMO Global Studio. They can feature elaborate screen setups, background changes tailored to the award details, and a variety of productions, such as connecting online with various branches to broadcast messages.


The kick-off event, where all employees participate and get prepared for that term’s work, is a critical event. The GMO Global Studio enhances the impact of the CEO’s message with video productions and diverse camerawork executed by specialized staff.

Presentations for New Products

New product launches offer the opportunity to physically handle the products while providing them with a thorough introduction. By combining three studios, each with a different atmosphere, it is possible to conduct product explanations, product experiences, and networking all in one place.

Examples of Events Held at GMO Global Studio

Online Financial Results Briefing (GMO Internet Group)

This is an online-specialized earnings presentation conducted by the GMO Internet Group Co., Ltd. Not only did they utilize the venue’s potential to create beautiful backgrounds, but they also focused on creating screens that made the financial documents easy to view, which is essential for an earnings presentation. Additionally, they incorporated interactive segments, such as a Q&A session with investors, emphasizing two-way communication.

Internal Awards (GMO Internet Group)

The GMO Internet Group hosted an online awards ceremony, “GMO AWARDS 2023,”, attended by 7,300 partners worldwide. To keep participants engaged during the two-hour event, they switched assets to suit the situation accordingly and incorporated diverse camerawork, consistently creating an exciting visual experience. Additionally, the specialized staff at the GMO Global Studio managed the complex operations of seamlessly integrating live broadcasts from various global locations, a task characteristic of a global corporation.


The “hybrid” event format, which ingeniously combines in-person and online elements rather than merely streaming live events, will undoubtedly continue to evolve. It’s exciting to speculate how far the combination of technology, in-person interaction, and online elements will advance and what kind of wonderful events will emerge… There’s no doubt that the GMO Global Studio, as a frontrunner, holds the potential to pioneer this era. Please look forward to the possibilities of the GMO Global Studio!