• What is “Micrashell”? – protective clothing

What is “Micrashell”? – protective clothing


Hello, everyone! This is Miyanaga. I’m Miyanaga, and I’m sure many of you are getting used to the prolonged battle with the coronavirus. But it’s time to get out and go to events, isn’t it? Of course, the entertainment industry has been making tearful efforts to move the stage online recently. But I understand the feeling that you want to feel that “atmosphere”.
But I understand that you want to feel that “atmosphere”. I have an interesting topic for you. A creative studio in L.A. has created a protective clothing line that you can use for events, and it’s getting popular!


Micrashell” protective clothing

A ray of light on post-pandemic festivals and clubbing; LA-based creative Studio Production Club is developing a pandemic, safe festival and This is the Micrashell protective clothing for nightlife.

The structure is a confidential helmet, a multi-functional vest, and sturdy gloves that cover the upper body. This helmet completely shuts out viruses by Moreover, this helmet made of cut-resistant, high-performance fabric even has an air-cleaning function. I’ve heard that they are. And one of the most appealing features is the ease of handling.

Micrashell 防護服

It also has a lithium battery that can be recharged and replaced, so it’s always active when you wear it. It’s a lot of fun. For example, the unique camera and speakers attached to the suit and integration with smartphones. function to communicate with friends in new ways and the built-in LED color The effects can also express the wearer’s mood and needs. How futuristic!

Micrashell 防護服

Of course, you don’t have to worry about food and drink either. The small cans attached to the chest allow you to enjoy drinks, food, e-cigarettes, and other delicacies. You can. It’s truly a suit full of humor, made with the theme of enjoying the moment to the fullest!

It’s great pandemic protection, of course, but I’m very curious to see how the world looks with this suit on.
And the best sounding music in the headphones.
It’s pretty exciting just to imagine it! They are currently applying for a patent, so we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Other: a familiar anti-corona item.

Now, Micrashell is great, but it’s going to be a little while before this is ready. So, here’s a little bit of a more realistic anti-corona item that you can easily use now Do.

Neck cooler

Japanese summer is about to begin. It’s hot, isn’t it? As you have been warned in the news, there is a possibility of heatstroke if you wear a mask in the intense heat. In this situation, we should pay attention to a fan that can be worn around the neck.

Keeps you cool for up to 20 hours. A wearable cooler that can be worn around the neck. It seems to be a miniaturized version of the cooling system used in a refrigerator, so you get a refreshing feeling within 2 seconds of starting up.

Face Shield

Nike Air フェイスシールド
NIKE Face Shield image by NIKE

NIKE developed a face shield to make the sole of the Nike Air, a TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane) material seems to be used. This face shield is light and has the philosophy of JUST DO IT. Why not get a face shield instead of a NIKE AIR this year?

Goggles  glasses

FACTORY900 ゴーグルメガネ
Photo: From the press release of Aoyama Optical Co.

Fukui City’s eyewear brand “FACTORY 900” was triggered by the new coronavirus infection This is a pair of Goggles glasses developed by the company. The structure of the glasses with the shield arranged from the rim to the temples is just like the Goggles  you use at the pool. You can prevent virus infection by droplets because of the three-dimensional structure and the nose pad is attached to the eyewear. It doesn’t hurt when worn for long periods of time.

Bumper Tables

Bumper Tables
Photo: Courtesy of Revolution Event Design & Production
Many people have said that this is an amazing look and that it is hilarious. The Bumper Tables, developed by an American event company, are worth a look. Shaped like a big tire, this item is actually a table that you wouldn’t expect. The purpose is to keep a social distance. It’s a bit silly, but it’s also very appealing!