What is the award ceremony for?


The award ceremony is the most popular event in the company.
There are many companies that commend people who have been active from various viewpoints, such as contributions to new product development, team building, and advertising/marketing departments, as well as those that praise sales results.

There are many requests for award ceremony events from the GP, and we are always try to find the best solution for our clients.

…… By the way, have you ever thought of it like this?

“What is the award ceremony done for?”

Every event has a purpose and a wish that the client wants to fulfill. The same goes for the award ceremony.
Might you think, ” isn’t it the purpose of award ceremonies are only the commending?”

Of course, that is one of the primary purposes.
But the awards ceremony also has different purposes.

This time, we will approach “What is the award ceremony for?”

What is the purpose of the award ceremony?

If the purpose of the award ceremony is if only “to commend”, it is enough the people who will be commended will be gathered.

There is no need to inform the surroundings of the awards ceremony or to make an event. (If you plan it, that will also raise your expenses.)

However, many of the actual commendation ceremonies are dedicated to renting large venues and directing, gathering employees and people other than those who are commended.

But, Why?

This is because the purpose of the award ceremony is to “shake the hearts of all participants by awarding those who have achieved significant results”.

It is the award winners that will be noted at the award ceremony.
The awarded person can feel that the effort has been rewarded and that the goal has been achieved.
On the other hand, those who were n’t honored can look at their spotlighted colleagues.

● “I’m glad that my efforts were rewarded!”
● Inspired that “I want to stand there too!”
● look back to themselves and think, “What was different though the number of visits was the same?”

As mentioned above, they feel various things.
Humans are emotional creatures. The award ceremony is the perfect place to shake emotions and raise motivation.

Also, even if you work for the same company, it is hard to know the other department.
By seeing the awards from other departments, you will be able to know what they are doing and you can thank those people who make smooth work.”

The main purpose of the award ceremony is to put the entire company on the flow of growth through the award ceremony.

The award ceremony is also an event for “next year”

Looking at this, you can see that the award ceremony is a “place for appreciating this year’s success” and a “place for preparing for next year’s success”.

Depending on the awards ceremony, the company’s new technology may be introduced by introducing the winners.
In some cases, the award winners will be on their own and will share their know-how.
A new award may also be made part of the company policy announcement.

The reason why the company holds a big award ceremony and spends money is that it is an “important event related to the performance of the next fiscal year”.

In this way, the specific agenda of “what is the purpose” and “what the employee wants to do as a result” depends on the client.

In the future, GP will continue to carefully hold “for what” and conduct commendation events through careful hearing!

We look forward to working with you in near the future!