• But what does a kick off event do for you?

But what does a kick off event do for you?


To me Somemiya, the most serious problem these days is “Should I wear a coat on the company?”
Even if it’s warm during the day, it may get cold suddenly at night, but how are you all doing today?

Well, today’s theme is “Why do you do kick off events? “.

Kick-off events are generally events that occur at the beginning of a year, at the beginning of a quarter, or at the start of a project.
As in the beginning of the fiscal year, announcements of the year’s theme slogan, plans for business development, and announcements of new projects will be held. In many cases, all employees or all members involved in the project will meet together.
The form of the kickoff varies from company to company, and there are places like company-wide meetings, and there are places where events such as halls are rented.
GP have produced many kickoff events for famous companies.

I am allowed to do …

First of all, why do we need to do kickoff events?

When a company of hundreds or thousands of people gathers all employees and performs a kickoff event, the venue for borrowing will be larger, and if you are particular about sound, lighting, decoration, the cost will naturally rise.
Of course, there are many preparations for the day.
Do you have to do this at a company event?

The answer is “Yes, there is!”

Because the company
● It is necessary to be aware of turning points
● Align the vectors, organize things, get the strategy down
● By acting intensively
● The work of employees becomes active and directly linked to profits.

It depends on the type of industry, but there is an aspect in which days in the company become monotonous. It is remarkable if it is a job type with many routine work.
If there is no move or move, the scenery in the company will not change much, and it may be possible that one year has passed while doing a lot of tasks.
Even if a new project starts, it may be considered as “only more tasks”.

Also, in the case of a large company, offices are different depending on branch offices and departments, and even if they are united, they often do not meet in the first place.
It is almost impossible for us to always unite without doing anything.

It is an event that is what changes the “unchangeable daily life” and “the feeling of discord” all at once.
By kicking off the event, you can instill in the hearts of employees: “Now, the beginning of a new year!” And “The beginning of a new project!”
By creating an event “easy-to-understand” called an event, and concentrating all employees’ awareness on it, everyone will be able to stand on the start line and put in a fresh feeling to work.

There is a difference in the momentum of the entire company and the difference in the momentum of the whole company from giving out one document and going to the venue to participate in the event.

What you can see in the material is just information. People do not move with information alone.
When you put your will on the information, it becomes the first action and leads to the result.

In order to draw out the “force of the will”, the kickoff event devises.
I’m going to the event site instead of the familiar meeting room.
Talk with people in other departments and branch offices who don’t usually meet up.
In the case of a large company, the opportunity to listen to the president’s story in raw is limited, so seeing the face of the president may have a special feeling.

The content of the kickoff event will vary greatly depending on what the company wants.
Some take a lot of time to greet the president of Charisma, while holding a seminar, they have plans to encourage employees to communicate with each other, and they call on artists etc. to strengthen the color of entertainment.
GP has also worked on various patterns of kick-off events.
Create a story that maximizes employee motivation, improve visibility and appeal so that you can understand the contents of the new project in any seat, and do the trick so that it does not end with the excitement of the day …
We have worked hard to express the minds of companies that are betting on kickoffs.

Even though the details are different, the feeling of the company doing the kickoff event is one.

“We want our employees to work together to grow our company! “

The company’s growth is determined by how each employee works.
● How can you be more comfortable and energetic?
● How will this year’s good start be over? Can you ride the waves?

The success of the kickoff event has a major impact on the company’s performance for the year. In other words, it is an event that is easy to produce implementation effects, and it is also an event where the skills of event companies are questioned.
GP will continue to work hard to create more cost-effective kickoff events.

<Top Secret Information! I will show some of the GP’s KICK-OFF materials! >

I’ve talked about kickoff events up to this point, but some of you might say, “… something, not coming …”.
So, this time, I will release the kickoff material of [specially] GP.

Here is the cover of the kickoff material.
This year’s GP kickoff took place in the seminar room in a strategy meeting style.

Here is the kickoff time schedule. It is a schedule unique to a few elite.
[Announcement] and [2min. PR] are booming!

The theme of the GP’s 2018 announced by the representative Kouhata is “FOR CLIENTS”!
The heart is …

“FOR CLIENTS” does not mean that I am a perpetrator, good-bye.
What do customers want in the event and what do they want to do in the future, what can GP do for that?
As an event producer company, I have interpreted that it means that we will always continue to evolve and devise for “the best event for our customers”.

At the time of this announcement, it was exciting!
GP has been increasing sales and profits ever since its inception, but if you get specific numbers like this, you will feel better!

Kick-off events have little meaning to “just sit and listen.”
So then, what exactly do you do? With a sweat on the head and fun output, the kickoff turns into the first step to the result.

Well, what kind of evolution does this kick-off GP do this year?