• Work technique!! What is the tip of productivity work?

Work technique!! What is the tip of productivity work?


This is Okawa!

It has been six months since I joined the company.
Time flies……!

Now that I started working as a member of society in April and gradually got used to work, I am particularly worried about productivity.
I look back on the day at the end of my work.
Even though there was a day, the finished work is not to spend such time, or there is no sense of accomplishment.

“I feel like my work is not productive …”

That’s why we are trying out “how to do productivity work”.
In the first place, productivity is “creating great results in a limited time”.
Naturally, you must use the limited time effectively and effectively.
So how do we usually spend work time?
My team leader, Kawamoto-san, told me
It seems that 70% of the day’s work hours are “time to look for something”
That’s overwhelmingly more work time!

So if you can reduce the time you are looking for
You should be able to spend more time working and produce results!
But it’s halfway to finish here. I will dig deeper into my thoughts.

“Time to look for something” that hinders productivity. What is this looking for?
In order to confirm its identity, first I made my current task a letter and tried to visualize the task.
What I saw then was that sometimes I lost sight of what to do next, so I was thinking and there was a strange time consumption.

“That ’s it! This is Kawamoto ’s“ time to look for something! ”

So, recently, I’m trying to fill in a notebook with the day’s work and the tasks that occurred each time.
(I received this idea and notes from Kamiya-san …! Thank you …!)

This experience felt the importance of “visible”.
Search because I can’t see it, I lose sight. If that’s the case, you should make it “visible”.
In addition, I found another point that can improve productivity.

I am a new graduate and unlike my seniors, I don’t know much about technical matters, progress, and management.
It’s natural … When I had something I didn’t understand, I was confused about what I should do.

If you think you don’t understand, a technical professional, an operational professional, or a professional in progress will solve the problem instantly.

Of course, it’s not good to rely too much on, but it’s better to rely on others and solve problems instantly rather than spending time badly.
I think that will lead not only to improved productivity but also to creating better events.

Every day, various events are linked to events.
Sound / Light / Video / Progress / Management …
That’s a lot of work and tasks, and more people are involved.
That is why productivity is required.

I’m working hard every day to become an event man who can do various jobs … I will do my best!!