• Yamadaira’s book report – Susumu Fujita’s Work Technique

Yamadaira’s book report – Susumu Fujita’s Work Technique


Hello everyone!

The days of not being able to go out are numbered.
I’m sure many of you have a lot of free time at home by now, don’t you?

Now is the time! Let’s read a lot of books!!!!

オフィス 本棚

There are plenty of books in the GP office!
So, I’d like to share with you one of the books I’ve read recently that I’d like you to read.

And here it is!

本 「藤田晋の仕事学~自己成長を促す77の新セオリー~」It’s “Susumu Fujita’s Job Technique – 77 New Theories to Promote Self-Growth”!

This book by Susumu Fujita, President of CyberAgent, condenses the “mindset” and “work style” that will lead to personal growth.

I’ve read his books before, but all of them are very interesting and easy to read!
I can confidently recommend this book to those who have never picked up this type of book before.

Now, I’d like to introduce the points that impressed me.

These are the points! Selected words that bring positivity.

When you’re offended, it is the time to move on!
It’s important to look at it in a positive light like this will make you tough again, or that you can grow.

The busier you are, lets’ try to keep your peace of mind at your own pace!

It’s important to try to keep a normal mind and stay at your own pace, even if it’s forced before you get too busy and become apathetic.

Motivation only goes up when you get results and are evaluated!
Knowing the other person’s intentions and wishes are the first step in increasing your reputation. It is important to communicate with your manager frequently so that you can read his or her intentions and work together at all times.

Don’t be tied by a job that you don’t like!

People count on employees who are willing to take on any task with a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude, even when they are not comfortable with it.

Let’s motivate ourselves to raise our own!
Don’t take it for granted that your boss will motivate you, but instead, work hard to motivate your boss. If you do this, you will be evaluated by your boss and your motivation will increase, creating a virtuous circle.

Let’s create a virtuous cycle of work!
If you achieve results early on, you will gain confidence, be recognized by those around you as being able to do your job, be entrusted with more important tasks, gain more experience and get the point of the job, and become more able to do it.

Hide your youthfulness in the business world!

The emphasis is on experience above all else. It’s important to create a mature atmosphere, not a fresh one.

This is a bad example…haha!

Let’s keep learning forever!
It is very important to think about what you are lacking and to be willing to learn the knowledge and information necessary for the future.

Good business manners = appropriate distance from the other party!
It’s important not to get stuck in a manual of manners, no matter what.

Communication skills = a great smile and a sense of security!
Conversation and presentation skills are important, but the most important thing is to be able to read the atmosphere and understand the other person’s feelings.

Let them do the talking in your presentation!
Let the listener do a lot of the talking, not you. Create an atmosphere in which it is easy to ask questions by always talking to the other person.

Beware of praise in negotiations!
Too much praise can give the impression of being suspicious or frivolous. It’s important to speak in a natural way and put your true self into it.

“Unreasonable” goals encourage growth!
Rather than a solid goal that is calculated backward from your own abilities, you should be thinking, “I want to do this! I want to be like this! If you set a goal of “I’m going to get there, I’m going to grow more than my original strength.

Read a business book during your commute or travel time!
Let’s make the most of our time! I decided that my commute to work and travel time is basically time to read a book. It’s good to dare not to do what you can at the office or at home because you can focus and work on things.

How did you like it? I learned a lot as a member of society and as a venture employee, and the words were very positive.

VISION 企業マインド

It’s the same with our 5SPIRITS, I realized again!

Before I started working remotely, I thought it would be distracting to work from home and slow me down, but the elimination of travel time to the office gives me 1.5 hours a day to use my time effectively, and I feel that telecommuting reduces the time I have to come and visit the office and increases my productivity.

Since I have two offices, one at home and one at my GP, I feel fresher and more productive when I come to work at my GP office!

山平結花 プロフィール写真

It’s a tough time, but let’s stay positive!
I have a hunch that this will be the start of a new way of working in Japan and will continue to do so. We, GP members, will be more conscious and proactive than usual in order to be more productive with remote and office work!