Moving away from the "formal" employee meetings

Please tell us the purpose and focus of this event.

Our company’s annual meeting is an event where all employees come together where presentations regarding the management plan is shared and the ideal role of each employee is conveyed. From our event team’s perspective, we want to make the annual meeting an opportunity for employees to further understand “where the company is headed” and “how they are able to contribute.”

What we focused on this time was enhancing the sense of unity. Such events tend to become one-sided, and if they become too long, participants obviously get bored. So, we shortened the presentations, used QR codes to conduct on-site surveys and presented the results during the event, also created a stylish HQ video, among other contents to keep participants engaged.

While maintaining our formal concept, we wanted to make it more approachable, so we asked the Global Produce team for various ideas while balancing out these aspects.

How was the feedback after actually holding the event?

First of all, within the company, it was very well-received, including the president. The president was particularly impressed with the HQ introduction. The well-crafted video was well-received, and leaders from other departments mentioned that they want to create something like this themselves.

It also had a positive impact traversing beyond the company. When we created gold business cards for award winners, one customer who saw this was surprised and gave us praise for how we appreciate our employees. We are delighted that not only the members organizing the event but also the participants and even our customers have expressed their satisfaction as an outcome to the event.

What kind of event would you like to create in the future?

This time, we focused on technical production to create a sense of unity, and next time, we want participants to feel this sense of unity in a more organic way. To achieve this, we should consider not only the content but also factors such as time allocation, production, and atmosphere to be crucial. For example, changing from employee MCs to professional MCs to enhance excitement or altering the structure may be a good place to start. Since the budget is limited, we need to carefully consider where to allocate resources to enhance the overall experience.

Originally, our company’s annual general meeting was a very formal and even lacked applause after some of the presentations. Over the years, with continuous effort and innovation, it has improved significantly. We want to continue this journey, to increase satisfaction year by year and making it an even more meaningful event.

General meeting of all employees