DeNA's first-ever all employee event where everybody comes together

Please tell us about the internal issues that led to the decision to hold this event

The longstanding issue was the dilution of internal communication. The company’s rapid expansion led to an increase in the number of employees. There was a common understanding among the management that this had made internal communication more challenging, leading to a decrease in operational efficiency. For example, it became difficult to know what Mr. XX in the neighboring department was doing.

What initiatives did you take to activate internal communication?

We implemented a club activity system and various other initiatives. While we felt the need for an event where all employees would come together, initially, we considered options like standing receptions or company trips.

How did you feel when the idea of a sports festival was proposed?

To be honest, I initially thought, “This doesn’t seem to fit our company culture at all,” and had doubts (laugh). However, the Global Produce team actively discussed how to make the event align with DeNA’s corporate culture and how to get employees excited about it. Gradually, we started to develop a vision for the event. Ultimately, we proposed the idea at a management meeting, and it was decided to hold the company’s first-ever all-employee sport event.

Can you share a story on how your company responded to your decision to hold a sports festival?

Since it was the company’s first all-employee event, it was challenging to spread the word within the company and increase participation rates. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of volunteers who wanted to be involved in the event’s planning.

What measures did you take to liven up the company towards this event and promote participation?

We paid great attention to the announcements made. To avoid any negative reactions from employees, we initially downplayed the “sports festival” aspect and gradually released information about the specific competitions and created a sense of rivalry. We also organized team-based competitions that required advance preparation to involve as many people as possible before the event, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere throughout the company.

How was it to actually hold the sports festival?

It far exceeded our expectations and was a great success. Seeing everyone enthusiastically lining up and entering during the opening parade was a sight I couldn’t have imagined, and I felt that it was already worth it at that moment Lol. Moreover, in a post-event survey, over 93% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the event, which was very rewarding.

For a company like ours, where even meetings and communication with colleagues in nearby seats are often conducted online, the importance of working together towards a common goal in a physical, offline space was emphasized through activities such as tug-of-war and relays. I think this was something that not only I but also our president and all the participating employees felt.

Can you share some comments from employees in the post-event survey?

Some comments included, “My loyalty to the company has increased because of my family’s involvement,” and “I honestly thought it would be a hassle to participate at first, but it turned out to be a fantastic event.” Additionally, I personally felt that the mental distance between team members had come closer. For example, I see more people saying hi to each other, also engaging in minor communications, and more open dialogue with the management team. I have been experiencing improved communication throughout the entire company.

If you were to hold the sports festival again, what kind of event would you like it to be?

Given the success of this event, our company has become much more positive about the idea of a sports festival as an event. So, for the next one, I would like to organize a much more “serious” sports festival where everyone is really wanting to win, including the management team! Then, I’ll definitely be holding one again (laugh).


May 26, 2012



VenueYokohama Stadium

ParticipantsApprox. 900 people (full-time and part-time employees, and their families)

PurposeA sports festival to enhance internal communication (DeNA's first event for all employees)