Promoting to the untapped audience

Hooters GIRL Miss Contest, held by HOOTERS employees, is a preliminary competition to select the representative for the “MISS HOOTERS JAPAN CONTEST,” an annual event held in the US since 2011. It serves as a valuable opportunity to promote the charm of HOOTERS GIRL, who are iconic figures of the restaurant.

Could you please tell us the purpose and focus of this event?

Originally, HOOTERS GIRL was inspired by American cheerleaders. It encompasses not only physical appearance but also personal development and the image of women who bring cheerfulness to others. We want HOOTERS GIRL to be the kind of presence that can make customers feel better and put a smile on their faces, even if they’ve had a rough day. In fact, many of our regular customers are fans of the restaurant’s atmosphere, food, and the inner beauty of the HOOTERS GIRL.

The contest aims to showcase the essence of HOOTERS GIRL, which includes not just their beautiful appearence but also revealing their inner brightness. We want it to be a platform where they can fully express their HOOTERS GIRL identity, both inside and out. We hope that this contest will naturally communicate the brand value of our restaurant to a wide audience.

While HOOTERS is often perceived as a restaurant for men, in Japan, we emphasize having a 30% female staff ratio as part of our branding. However, there are still many people who may not fully understand what HOOTERS represents. Through this contest, we hope to attract more female customers and introduce them to the HOOTERS experience.

How was the experience of hosting this year’s contest?

During the contest period, we received warm words of support from customers who mentioned to some of our HOOTERS GIRL that they were cheering for them. The show itself was super lively, and we received compliments that it was the best HOOTERS experience ever. It was also highly praised by our various restaurant locations. Additionally, there was a significant increase in access to the part-time job application website during the contes, and we received increased media coverage. We believe that we were able to achieve successful branding and appeal to young women who may not have been our target audience before.

For HOOTERS GIRL who participated in the contest, I feel that they naturally embodied the concept mentioned in the criteria, which is, “The restaurant is a stage and you are entertainers.”

Finally, what is the future direction you imagine for MISS HOOTERS JAPAN CONTEST?

It’s quite unusual for ordinary girls, not celebrities or anything, to stand on stage and perform, and furthermore, to have the opportunity to participate in international beauty pageants. We want HOOTERS GIRL to feel and appreciate the uniqueness of this opportunity. Moreover, we hope that this contest won’t just be about participating but will serve as a stepping stone for these girls to reach their next stage in life. To achieve this, we want to continue creating an aspirational stage.