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  • Communicating to society our philosophy and vision embedded in our new office building

Communicating to society our philosophy and vision embedded in our new office building

The underlining concept of the Video Production?

For this project, we created a commemorative video using drones to film the interior of the new building (Engineering Building) within the Tsuchiura factory, which was recently completed.

The concept behind the new building was built upon three pillars: “Diversity (where anyone can work anytime, anywhere)”, “Comfort (fostering physical and mental well-being)”, and “Communication (connecting people and fostering collaboration)”. The building’s name, “Orange Innovation Plaza (commonly referred to as Orange Plaza),” was selected through a public submission, voting, and evaluation process involving employees, with the name “Orange” being a reference to our corporate color, “Reliable Orange.”

Since the new building was imbued with such sentiments, we aimed to create a video that would not merely introduce the areas but also effectively convey the thoughts and concepts of the production team.

The reason for entrusting this project to Global Produce?

The direct reason was when Ms. Nitta and Mr. Kawashima visited our company. Initially, we were discussing the possibility of collaborating on an event. However, when the topic of the new office building under construction came up, they expressed the sentiment that it would be a waste not to do anything, given the effort put into creating the new office space.

By choosing to create a video production, we realized that we could use it not only for internal communication but also showcase the construction step by step and interior of the building to the local community, and even use it for promotional purposes during new graduate recruitment. Therefore, we decided to commission the production of a video instead of organizing an event.

What aspect did you focus on the most in planning?

The most important point we emphasized in planning was maintaining the viewers’ interest throughout the video, as even a 4-minute video can feel quite long. We made extensive use of drone footage to take viewers on a virtual tour from bird’s-eye views of the building to ground-level perspectives, and even provided overhead shots from the ceiling. We aimed to incorporate varying speeds and angles to keep the audience engaged and excited.

What was challenging about this project?

The most challenging aspect was the day of filming. Since the filming date was before the building’s start of operation , there were areas where no one was working, and fixtures and equipment were not yet in place. As a result, we had to quickly recruit some of our own employees to serve as extras and started with acting instructions (laughs).

The new building is seven stories tall and accommodates around 3,000 people. To give an idea of the actual situation with a limited number of people, we had to come up with various creative solutions. Eventually, even the extras became enthusiastic, and they even started improvising in sync with the drone’s movements. Thanks to this, we were able to capture visually appealing footage.

What was the most impressive aspect of our company’s communication and support?

The speed at which you worked. In particular, since we had a set date for the completion ceremony where the video would be shown, and it was a race against time to prepare the condition of the new building, your speedy approach to organizing the filming, considering the shooting composition, and editing was greatly appreciated.

How did the audience react to the final output?

Upon its release, it received very positive feedback. Within our company, there was a lot of buzz about the drone footage, and we received requests such as, “The video is amazing! Can you introduce us to the production company?”

Furthermore, after uploading it to YouTube, it garnered over 5,000 views. Initially, we hadn’t even considered creating a video, but we are glad we did.

PurposeCreating a Monumental drone video of the new office building