A conference dedicated in pursuing a new user experience

What is the main purpose of this event?

The primary purpose of the event “DX Shift,” which we organized this time, was to convey messages regarding the challenges and solutions when accelerating DX promotion. This event is within our efforts for sales promotion, and it aims to provide insights and triggers for our customers to recognize the benefits of DX. Since the essence of DX is for businesses to leverage digital technology to create new opportunities, we position ourselves as supporters of such innovation. Therefore, our initial goal was to deliver ideas and inspirations that help our customers recognize the overall advantages of DX.

Why did you choose our company to organize the event?

The reason for entrusting this project to your company was due to the excellent trust we had built with you during our previous event collaboration. You had demonstrated not only a strong understanding of the event’s content but also a sense of urgency and meticulous attention to detail, which is why we decided to work with you again this time.

What aspect did you focus on the most upon planning?

At this event, we also unveiled new corporate branding and logos. Consequently, we wanted our customers to feel that “JBS has evolved.” However, no matter how good the messages and services are, they are meaningless if they aren’t seen. Recently, customers had become more accustomed to online events, and we felt concerns that an ordinary presentation or content would not hold their attention up until the end.

To address this, we used pioneering visual ideas and impact through VFX and CG synthesis, included talk sessions and seminars featuring prominent figures from well-known publishing houses, think tanks, IT companies, and others.

What was the most impressive aspect of our company’s communication and support?

At the initial stage, even though our ideas were somewhat vague, you were able to provide concrete proposals that aligned with our intentions. Furthermore, you were not hesitant to offer opinions to ensure a better customer experience and event, which allowed us to entrust you with assurance.

Additionally, the on-site staff’s consideration was outstanding. Filming and event days can be stressful, but the professionalism exhibited by the staff ensured that both the participants and us felt at ease, with their attention to every detail.

How was the feedback from the participants?

On the post-event surveys, we received numerous comments from customers stating that it was the best event they had ever attended. We also used the video footage from the event for internal purposes, and it has received numerous positive feedback as well.

How would you like to further innovate this event in the future?

While this event was held online due to circumstances with the pandemic, we would like to explore the possibility of returning to in-person events that allow for more intimate communication. On the other hand, considering that many customers have appreciated the convenience of it held online, we also want to actively explore new user experiences through the use of metaverse technology to meet the expectations.

DX Shift 2022

June 16, 2022

PurposeAnnouncing new brands and services, with talk sessions and presentations by industry professionals and celebrities.