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  • New encounters in business. An online IT Expo with 120,000 pre-event registration.

New encounters in business. An online IT Expo with 120,000 pre-event registration.

What was the main goal for this event?

The “IT TREND EXPO” is a HYBRID event for business professionals with various speakers mainly focusing on IT-related topics. Our company has always held this concept “Turning Encounters into Destiny,” and we hosted this event with the intention of creating new encounters in the business scene as well.

Why did you choose our company to organize the event?

The direct trigger was watching the video of your “JAPAN HYBRID CONFERENCE (2021 GP-sponsored event).” At the time, various companies, including our own, were hosting online exhibition events, but many of them were uninspiring, with speakers just talking on the screen.

In contrast, the “JAPAN HYBRID CONFERENCE” had a contemporary style to it, and we thought your team would be the right choice to entrust our event to.

What was the most important aspect you focused on when planning?

The main stage. Our company’s president told us we were going overboard with it (laughs), but we received positive feedback from attendees, and left a lasting impression when the speakers delivered their talks with enthusiasm on stage. Some attendees were so impressed by the stage that they became repeating guests, so it was ultimately the right decision.

What was the most challenging while organizing the event?

The most challenging part was making all the decisions. Events involve making a vast number of choices in situations where there is no one right answer. Some decisions could be made independently, while others required input from everyone involved. It was tough to constantly decide what kind of mood we wanted to create, with a focus on the main visual.

What left an impression in your interactions with our company?

The sense of urgency and shared passion. We received the proposals swiftly and were able to move forward in speed. Moreover, not only did you consistently share your passion for the event, but you also responded with enthusiastic reactions like “Awesome!” to our suggestions, which made it a pleasant experience.

How was the response from the participants?

First and foremost, we received very positive feedback from our clients. Lately, across the board kind of events such as ours tend to be avoided by clients, but there is now increasing demand from our clients for the IT TREND EXPO.

Furthermore, the user satisfaction rate was 94%, and nearly 90% of respondents expressed their intentions to participate in the coming future. Overall, it became a highly satisfying event for all of us.

Were you able to achieve your objectives?

From a broad perspective, there may still be more to accomplish, but I believe that we have achieved everything we could in the current stage. I think we have achieved about 60-70% of what our company ultimately aims for with this event.

How would you like to further develop this event in the future?

We would like to improve the event’s ability to attract attendees in the physical realm, as it is currently weaker compared to online. Additionally, while large-scale events can become easily bored and out of focus for attendees, we would like to position ourselves as an event that people would attend every time it’s held.

By continually pursuing changes and evolution in terms of production and casting, we aim to make it an event where participants can always have a fresh experience, eventually integrating it into their daily lives.

Furthermore, to realize our concept of “Turning Encounters into Destiny” the essence of IT TREND EXPO, we want to expand and introduce unique and beneficial initiatives.

IT TREND EXPO2022 Summer / IT TREND EXPO2023 Winter

September 5-9, 2022 / February 7-10, 2023

PurposeLectures and exhibitions on the latest trends in IT products, services and industry. Special lectures by celebrities for all members of the industry. An online exhibition by "IT Trend," a comparison site for IT products used by approx. 40 million people annually.