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  • An annual award ceremony for all employees at IDOM, focusing on an "all-important" event theme

An annual award ceremony for all employees at IDOM, focusing on an "all-important" event theme

What is the main objective of this event?

The ‘IDOM AWARDS’ is our company’s largest awards ceremony held every summer, open to all employees. Standing on this stage is a goal for our employees, making it a special event within the company.

Why did you entrust the event to our company?

The reason is that Mr. Kohata (President of GP) had previously been in charge of another event for our company. When planning for the 2022 event, we thought, “We want to improve ‘IDOM AWARDS’ and make it a unique event like never before.” We reached out to GP, hoping that they could provide some valuable input.

What was the most emphasized aspect in planning?

The points we focused on the most were the concept design and the award presentation methods.

In 2022, the theme was “Film Festival”. We incorporated exciting presentation methods that kept the speakers engaged and prevented boredom, even with numerous award categories. This included features like a wide red carpet, interviews in front of photo panels in the foyer, and appealing to the audience watching the footage from ceiling cameras by waving hands.

For 2023, the theme was “GALAXY (Space)”. We likened the challenging spirit of the awardees aiming for greater heights to “stars shining from beyond the atmosphere.” This concept, typical of IDOM, aimed to venture into unknown territories akin to discovering the farthest reaches of space. While capitalizing on the successful award presentation methods from the previous year, we developed scripts, video production, and staging techniques tailored to the theme.

What were the challenges you faced in implementing the event?

Both years were a race against time. With numerous award categories, there was a mountain of decisions to make, including the production of individual presentations, videos, and compiling information about the awardees. It was a hectic period with no shortage of tasks to complete each day.

What stood out in our interactions and correspondence with your company?

The impressive aspects were GP’s creativity and speed. To achieve “an unprecedented awards ceremony,” “an event true to IDOM,” and “the pinnacle of stages,” you provided numerous ideas. Despite the tight schedule, we were able to sprint to the finish line of the event thanks to our collaborative efforts.

What was the reaction of the participants?

It was extremely well-received internally. The level of production, consistency with the concept, and overall atmosphere were incredibly rewarding. Every year, as we come to the end, we find ourselves pondering, “What should next year’s theme be, to outshine this year’s?” However, we believe that you will once again create an event that surpasses the previous one the following year.

Was the purpose of the event achieved?

Yes, I believe we have achieved our goals, but I also think there is still room for improvement. I feel that, each year, we are elevating the event to the greatest amount within the limits we are given. To aim for further perfection, I hope we can decide on the theme earlier and advance various decisions ahead of time so that we can undergo production with more leeway.

How would you like to develop this event in the future?

We aim to change the theme every year and surpass the previous year’s event. It becomes a challenge to exceed the previous year’s standards annually. We want to refine the event further to reflect and embody the theme of the year, as well as the goal that IDOM is striving for. We aim to create a ceremony that is unprecedented, truly representative of IDOM, and showcases the highest level of production. With each passing year, we strive to enhance the power and impact of the “IDOM AWARDS.” We appreciate your continued support as we work together to make this event even more exceptional.


July 28, 2022 / July 20, 2023