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  • Improving the sense of unity across the entire group, a hybrid sports day combining in-person and online elements

Improving the sense of unity across the entire group, a hybrid sports day combining in-person and online elements

What is the main purpose of this event?

“The KDDI Sports Festival” is a labor-management co-hosted event aimed at promoting interaction among employees of the KDDI Group and enhancing unity. In 2022, it was held entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this time, it was held in a hybrid format combining both in-person and online elements. Regardless of the participation method, our goal was to create a festival where a sense of unity could be felt, with a conscious effort towards the idea of “everyone participating together.”

What was the most emphasized aspect in your planning process?

The key point we emphasized was the program design that allowed participants to feel engaged regardless of whether they are attending in person or online. Disparity in satisfaction based on participation format is a challenge in hybrid events, so for the online participants, we made a conscious effort to structure the event in a way that they could have fun even by simply watching through the screen. Therefore, we set up public viewing venues at 10 locations nationwide to make it easier for participants joining online from different regions to feel a sense of unity.

What was challenging about implementing the event?

It overlaps with the previous points, but one of the challenging aspects of implementing the event was designing programs that would be enjoyable for online participants as well. At its core, this event is something that was “created by everyone,” and as such, we wanted to ensure that online participants were not just passive viewers. To achieve this, we actively incorporated content that online participants could enjoy, such as quiz competitions open to everyone regardless of their participation method and quizzes predicting the rankings of venue-based competitions. Additionally, for e-sports and jump rope events, we held preliminary rounds in advance and included video contests that allowed those unable to participate on the day of due to work commitments to join, as well as walking events where teams competed based on the number of steps taken within a certain period.

How was the participants’ response?

It was very well-received, and the post-event survey resulted in the highest satisfaction ratings ever. Venue attendees appreciated the energetic atmosphere and sense of unity that arose from gathering in-person. Online participants, on the other hand, expressed appreciation for the ease of participation and the enjoyment akin to watching a television program.

Did you achieve the purpose of the event?

We did achieve it, to a degree, but I believe there is still room for improvement.

How would you like to develop this event in the future?

We achieved a high satisfaction level this time, but I aim to reach even greater heights in the future. I want the KDDI Sports Festival to foster a sense of unity among employees nationwide and contribute to further engagement, making participants even more fond of KDDI itself.