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  • An Awards Ceremony Was Held in Rome, Incorporating a Mystery-Solving Activity for the Sake of Team-Building.

An Awards Ceremony Was Held in Rome, Incorporating a Mystery-Solving Activity for the Sake of Team-Building.

What was the main purpose of this event?

This event was an overseas incentive trip for the top performers of our company. The primary goal was not just traveling, but providing a team-building opportunity that transcended the boundaries between group companies, strengthening bonds and unity. Additionally, as it was our company’s 60th-anniversary event, we aimed to make it a memorable and special experience for the participating employees.

Why did you entrust us with this event?

When we were introduced through JTB, we reviewed your past achievements and felt confident in your capabilities. After evaluating the content, proposal integrity, pacing, and communication, we decided to trust your company with the event.

What was the most important point you focused on when planning the project?

There were various methods for tackling the topic of “team building”. For this event, we divided participants into small teams for a mystery-solving activity before the actual party. This setting encouraged cooperation across company boundaries and allowed participants to enjoy solving puzzles together. We paid great attention to certain details, incorporating keywords related to our group into the puzzles, and even having the president appear as one of the cast members.

What was challenging about implementing the event?

Team-building is an inherently challenging theme, and there were worries about whether it would be successful when conducted overseas (in Rome) for the first time.

What was impressive about our response and communication?

Despite the short time-frame between planning and implementation, you always responded promptly, which allowed us to proceed with confidence. Additionally, the various efforts made to boost our employees’ motivation were greatly appreciated.

How were the reactions of the participants?

We kept the contents of the event a secret until the day of, so there was a mix of anticipation and anxiety. However, when it unfolded, participants from junior to senior levels were highly engaged, and the event was very lively. The satisfaction levels were high, and we achieved our team-building goals.

How do you want to develop this event in the future?

We plan to hold the next event in Hawaii, in July, and have multiple other plans lined up. Based on our experience in Rome, we aim to design even better incentive trips in the future.

JBCCgroup HPC 2023 THE PARTY in Villa Miani- 60th ANNIVERSARY -

November 19, 2023