Venue Features

Adjacent to the historical Fukutoku Shrine, "Fukutoku no Mori" is a rare outdoor square in the Nihonbashi area, a place of relaxation that enrich people's lives bringing in liveliness to the city. It is an event space open to local residents, organizations, and businesses as a base for people to gather, interact, and to cultivate the local community.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall

Fukutoku no Mori

In the center of the 1,000 m² site, lays an event space with an effective area of approximately 300 m², a rare spot in the Nihonbashi area. Abundant seasonal trees, such as sawtooth oaks associated with the Fukutoku Shrine, are planted around the square to create this urban oasis.

  • Hall Size


  • Capacity

    300 people

  • Address

    2-5-10, Muromachi, Nihonbaashi, Chuouku, Tokyo

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