Sengan Garden

Venue Features

Sengan-en, the villa of the Shimazu family, was built in 1658 during the early Edo period by the 19th head of the Shimazu clan, Mitsuhisa. The grand garden, which uses the Sakurajima volcano as a backdrop and Kinko Bay as a pond, is unmatched in scale among daimyo gardens. This expansive space, adorned with seasonal flowers and greenery, offers a special retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing you to enjoy the present while being embraced by nature.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall

Palace & Front Garden

With a landscape that uses Sakurajima as a backdrop and Kinko Bay as a pond, the palace's interior and the outdoor front garden can be used for garden parties and other events.

  • Hall Size

    Palace: 1,200㎡ / Front Garden: 10,000㎡

  • Capacity

    Palace: 30–40 people / Front Garden: 200 people

  • Address

    9700-1 Yoshino Town, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

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