• A fusion of the evolving technology and the event

A fusion of the evolving technology and the event


Hello. This is Kawamoto.

In recent years, the evolution of events has not stopped.

In addition to the classic event style of watching screen images, listening to lectures and music, the theme park has also started a new style of events that introduces the latest technology.

The direction of technological advancement is also progressing toward the pursuit of image quality and sound quality, to the real experience, “satisfaction and fulfillment just because you are there”.

In fact, the event has one aspect as a place to introduce and introduce the latest technology.

The feelings of the development side, “I want you to experience, enjoy, and be interested in the latest technology first,” and the event hosting, “I want to experience something different from the usual”, it is easy to agree.

For this reason, even global producers always keep up with the latest technology information.

This time, I will introduce four of the latest technology information that I can enjoy extraordinary experiences that I particularly thought was “This is it!”
From what has not yet been put to practical use to what can be proposed immediately, there is a wonderful world of innovation in which curiosity is excited.


It is a technology that can provide a sense of something that does not exist.

It is also used for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and the iPhone home button.

First, you wear a device that stimulates the skin of your hands and fingers, called an actuator.

The vibration from the actuator stimulates the brain, allowing you to experience the sensation of your hand being pulled, pressing a button, or climbing up or down a hill.

Haptic is very compatible with VR.

The combination of “see” VR and “touch” haptics will make the virtual space more realistic and closer to the real world.

Also, it may be possible to reproduce the touch of products that are difficult to prepare samples for various reasons and use them for advertising.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a technology that fuses virtual space with the real space in which we live.

This is a familiar thing in the near-future SF work, where images and operation panels suddenly appear in an empty space.

Reality has finally caught up with the world of movies.

Apple’s glasses wearable – “Apple Glass” is an example of our practical application.

This will be released in 2020, next year.

If such devices become popular in the world, MR-related industries will also flourish.

Personally, the visual expression and the world view are very cool, and I can’t wait to put it to practical use.

New camera technology

The next topic is the face recognition system, which has continued to evolve dramatically.

It has already been introduced as a concert entrance system for popular idol groups.

For popular idol concerts, ticket resale and unauthorized admission have been social issues, but the face recognition system seems to have achieved some results.

It is a mechanism to register face photos in advance and check the photos on the day with the faces of people who actually came.

The accuracy of authentication is a concern for the face recognition system, but in fact, at the stage of 2010, NEC recorded an accuracy of 99.7% in the “one-to-one face recognition” at an international contest hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Shining in place.

One of the problems that plague the management of large-scale events is the extended admission management and reception hours.

This system eliminates the need for ticket checks, so the reception seems to be smooth at once.

Production by drones

The last one is everyone’s favorite, drone.

When it comes to drones, the image of a camera that can shoot from the sky or an impossible angle is common, but on February 3, 2019, there was a performance that flipped that image.

At the Maroon5 show, the Super Bowl half-time show that attracts the attention of sports fans around the world, 150 Intel drones emerged on the music stage and formed the words “ONE” and “LOVE” is.

If such a dynamic flight can be controlled safely, it will be a very attractive weapon not only for use as a camera but also for event production.

The technology introduced here is the latest technology in the February 2019 stage, but the technology will soon become obsolete as normal.

One year ago in the world of technology, it ’s already “old”.

How to see and use the machine is a turning point.

As an event-maker, we feel that it is very important to always have an antenna on new technology and to look forward to the opportunity to incorporate it.