• Favorite lunch places by GP staff ♡ Recommended Restaurants in Harajyuku

Favorite lunch places by GP staff ♡ Recommended Restaurants in Harajyuku


The greatest healing in the daily life of working people … YES, a delicious lunch.
The fact remains the same for GP employees.
Choosing a lunch is very important in order to produce a short break at its best time.

Here are some delicious foods that Harajuku event producers choose!

■ 大衆食堂BEETLE (official website)

Source: Tabe log

A popular popular pub in Showa nostalgia. A Japanese set meal is served at lunchtime.
GP is crazy about reasonable and generous food ♡
≪Recommended menu from GP employees≫
Seafood Shirasu-don (830 yen)

GP manager’s red point, Miyanaga’s best menu!
Savor the gorgeous seafood.

Fried set meal 760 yen

The full-bodied GP boys also enjoy a very satisfying volume set meal.
Look at this fried chicken size!

You can enjoy the crispy texture.

■ Harajuku DACCI Pasta Lab (Official HP)

Source: Tabe log

An Italian restaurant with a store in the Harajuku cascade.

This is a restaurant that is popular with the GP women. The store is also fashionable based on bright colors.

≪Recommended menu from GP employees≫
Amatriciana 1,200 yen

The shop’s specialty Amatriciana. It features a tomato sauce that has been simmered for 3 hours.

Source: Tabe log

■ Harajuku Yakiniku KINTAN (Official HP)

Source: Tabe log

Yakiniku restaurant located in the basement of the Harajuku cascade.
In addition to yakiniku, we also offer lunches such as noodles and sukiyaki.

≪Recommended menu from GP employees≫
Aged for 30 days Yakiniku set with KINTAN 1,580 yen

A menu where you can enjoy all of KINTAN in a single plate, with ribs, pork, chicken and aged tongue.

Source: Tabe log

■ Viva Goa Indian Cafe Harajuku

Source: Tabe log

An Indian restaurant located just behind Takeshita Street.
With the spice of authentic Indian curry, you can work hard in the afternoon with a burst of tension ♡

≪Recommended menu from GP employees≫
B set 1,100 yen

A set of 2 types of curry and salad. Please stick to mochi mochi naan.

Source: Tabe log

■ Egg Kitchen Harajuku Om (Official HP)

A specialty omelet rice shop in Harajuku that is colorful and fluffy.
Eggs can be selected from two types of winding: “winding” and “fluffy”.

≪Recommended menu from GP employees≫
Demigrass sauce omelet rice 950 yen

One of the classic menus. Appetite in the rich Demigrass sauce.

Source: Tabe log

How was it?

This time, we introduced the GP member recommended restaurants.
Please enjoy the best lunch time!