Future executives from France at the GP


Hello everyone. It is Matsuzaki of GP.

Continuing from last year,
this year’s students from EMLYON Business School, a prestigious management school in France,
came to visit the office of the GP.

“EMLYON Business School” is located on the outskirts of Lyon, France
A very prestigious business graduate school founded in 1872.
There are students from all over France and around the world who are looking for executive candidates for major companies.
The full-time MBA ranks fourth in France in the 2016 Economist Ranking
it is known as a leading graduate school in Europe.

In addition to the GP, they also visited various companies in Japan,
LVMH (the world’s largest fashion company known for such as Louis Vuitton),
Mitsui Chemicals
And, it is only a large company that is famous for everyone such as Toyota …

Under such circumstances, for future management students
Matsuzaki gave a presentation.

About GP’s business content and events in Japan in English,
produce events from companies that GP is particularly good at
and gave a lecture on the composition of venture companies.

Mr. Kouhata, our representative, also participated in the questions and answers after the presentation,
that’s our future executives …
“How the company started up,” “The reason why it is difficult to start up in Japan,” “How to hire human resources,” etc,
sharp questions from the perspective of the manager flew away.

Also, in terms of “presentation is a present”
representative local specialty confectionery “Nanban Jyuurai” of representative Kouhata and Japanese Matcha,
in addition, I gave a GP original stapler.

It seems everyone was very pleased
I think they could have felt Japan even a little.

The Tokyo Olympics, which are being prepared for the 2020
The Osaka Expo, which has recently been decided to be held in 2025,
Japan will change depending on the event from now on
we will send “new Japan” to the world by the event.

How can you ride that wave and spread it throughout Japan and the world
Through this exchange, it was an opportunity to think about the future GP, it was a stimulus.

Lastly, there is a dream that we have been aiming for across the company since our founding.

That is to become “the best event produce-company in the world”

It feels like a tremendous dream,
all of our employees will work daily toward this dream.
Thank you for your continued support for GP!