GP new member profile shooting!


Hello everyone!
This is Natsuki Yamamoto, a GP intern student!

Have you ever seen the GLOBAL PRODUCE GP STAFF page?

GLOBAL PRODUCE puts each person’s face and profile firmly on the web.

There are many implications, such as having a sense of responsibility, and having customers and partners know about the person in charge.

We were a newcomer, taking such an important web profile photo!
The filming members were Hong-chan, Kurosu-kun, Kawakami-chan and Yamamoto.
This time, we will introduce the photography report and new members.

Even so, this time, Tsuruta-san’s pose instructions are accurate!
Please have a look! Kurosu-kun’s lively face! !
He is really motivated and powerful and has the strength to move on his own.
From now on, both partners and customers will be able to aim for heights for better things!

We talked about Hong-chan’s photo as a tea commercial in us!

What a wonderful smile … ♡ I ’m really healed with Hong-chan…
Gentle and warm healing power.
Moreover, a trilingual girl born in Korea and raised in England …! ! Too great!

Kawakami-chan’s photo looks like the sun in the upper left …! !
She’s so mature and cool enough that I don’t think she’s the same age as me! !

She also teaches Hula-dance for children! ! She is very friendly and we are already good friends (^^)

And finally, I ’m Yamamoto.

I have motivation and spirit! !
I love animals and am good at fishing for crayfish! ! !
Sincerely, \ (^ o ^) /

In such a privileged environment, we will do our best as a newcomer with 4 people! !
Hong has already joined the company, but the remaining three will join the company in April.

Thank you Tsuruta-san who took our photo!