• GP Original Playful OMOTENASHI BOOK completed

GP Original Playful OMOTENASHI BOOK completed


A Japanese-style OMOTENASHI event is now desired.

Many people from all over the world have come to Japan since 2020.

Catch such a hot visit to Japan and global production
I want to help customers who come from abroad (foreigners from overseas companies and overseas bases of Japanese companies) at events that express Japanese OMOTENASHI.

The “OMOTENASHI BOOK” is a form of that feeling.


Three elements that make up the OMOTENASHI event,

■ PLACE: Japan-like venue for events

■ CONTENTS: Event material expressing the Japanese OMOTENASHI

■ TALENT: Performers and guests expressing Japanese OMOTENASHI

It is a support tool for planning that anyone can easily become an event planner.

The unique and edgy design is like a Carta creative, and you can feel the fun-making BOOK from the book you see.

* The photo card is only a part.

The client noticed the charm of Japan’s unique DNA = OMOTENASHI event,
Let’s try it! We draw through feeling through experience.

What do you think? Could you be interested in it?
This is a limited quantity and will be delivered to you with a focus on distributors.

Please look forward to it.