What is Internal Branding


Happy new year!
It is the giant dude, Yuma Nagao, from GP!

Much to my surprise
Do you know Internal Branding ??

In a word, it is an attempt by companies to “become more interested in their company and to be more proud of being able to belong to the company”, and it is said that the United States in the 90’s was born.

As for Google Trends, the number of searches has risen sharply since around 2015, and it is also an event that is attracting attention recently.
Originally, the need for outer branding for consumers and end customers has been discussed, while internal branding has not been so important.
However, in order to prevent brand damage due to staff hospitality defects and the occurrence of quality problems, etc., it is necessary to take “inside” measures.
It has been mentioned that it is difficult to build a corporate brand with outer branding alone.
With such background, there is a fact that companies working on internal branding construction have increased regardless of the type of business.

For example,
“Yearly Event” is

create a video that summarizes the company’s status and achievements, and have a history
by more effectively directing the president’s presentation
it is an opportunity to feel pleasure and pride in being part of the company.

At the award ceremony

For example, try to devise the way to go on the platform, such as going up to the main stage from the back of the stage through the runway.
arrange a stylist and put on the same clothes to the top winners to create a sense of unity,
winners are delighted, fostering the motivation to “stand up there next year” for those who did not win.
The propagation of the motivation leads to internal branding, which leads to company-wide activation.

GP also held its fifth anniversary event in 2016,
with many partners and clients coming,
once again, it was a good opportunity to realize our gratitude and our social position.

Even in the GP office
we have discovered a number of posters that Representative Kouhata will be aware of internal branding!
At first we were here on the second floor!

It is a quote of Mahatma Gandhi.
“Change to the world you want to see”
I feel a strong will towards the future of delivering happiness to all over the world through event production that GP employees look to.

Then we found this on the third floor!

“Don’t be afraid to be different”
“Don’t be afraid of being different from people!”
I feel that the message is to continue pursuing the GP style of creativity regardless of type.

Words that inspire you when you look at it casually are scattered everywhere.
This may also be called GP internal branding.
A company that has become well, with its power, demonstrates its ability more than ever, and makes the world healthy.
Global Produce will continue to help the people throughout the event!

At last, I will tell you GP love of GP members early in the new year.
I hope you’ll have me for another year!

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