Met students who are going to graduate in 2021 at Mynavi EXPO!


Hello! It is Kurosu ♪

Mynavi EXPO was held at Tokyo Big Sight on Sunday, February 2.

We exhibited at Mynavi EXPO! !

We tried to decorate stylishly!

It is cute, isn’t it?

We had 250 outstanding students drop by the booth in one day!
Kouhata was so motivated for his presentation.

Those who stopped by listened to Kouhata’s explanation seriously.
Some people are taking notes!

And …
At this event EXPO, something good that happened!

Among the students who visited the booth, there was a student who watched Mynavi TV and a student who came only to listen to our story!
They were eager to ask questions and we were all happy for it.

It’s really happy that we could feel that our actions have reached the students!

Hope that our enthusiasm was transmitted!

And …
This is a note for students who have enjoyed the GP!

From the 1st of March, the entry will start on the Mynavi site.
We, Global Produce members, look forward to meeting you!