• New Challenge, My Navi Internship EXPO Exhibition

New Challenge, My Navi Internship EXPO Exhibition


Nice to meet you!
This is Otaka, long intern student who has been in charge of GP2018 internship.
This time, I participated in “My Navi Internship EXPO” as the first internship job.
We will deliver the report at that time.

“My Navi Internship EXPO” is an internship joint briefing held every year at Tokyo Big Sight.
It is the forefront of human resource acquisition where 260 companies, centered on large companies representing Japan, will gather for tomorrow’s human resources.
GP and Kouhata also call for “GP is seeking the power of young students “. I want to create the world’s best company together with its potential to get into the company that is famous.

GP is a venture company, and it is not well-known as a large company.
That is why there is a conflict.

This time, I’ve received such a command from Kouhata.
“You can not lose to other companies from the exhibit booth to the contents of the explanation and presentation”
“This exhibition is also an event. In the event, we must not lose anywhere.”

With the command in mind, the four interns gathered their entire strength and worked from preparation to the program on the day.

First of all, the setting of the booth.
The booth was made into a stylish studio style, thinking how to look and how to get in touch with the first impression.

The other booths are black, and an 80-inch oversized monitor with a large impact is installed at the center.
Bring in the decoration from the office and reproduce the “Cool Working Environment”.

The internship logo is also turned in stylishly.
The sense of smell, which incorporates rapidly changing trends, is also a prerequisite for event production.

And, production …

My Navi Intern EXPO is a great queue before the opening!
Less than 5 minutes after the opening, the venue was full of students, and it was a scrambled intersection until the end.

However, 99.9% of them do not know the name of the Global Produce.

How can we call students to our booth, like a company has never known?
From here, it is the time to show our strengh and power.

Gladly, the impact of the first impression is excellent.
Most of the students who passed in front of the booth stopped because the decoration drew an eye.
Of course, there is no way to miss that machine. Many students were invited to the GP booth.
as a result……

A student, a student, a student of a grade that appears in other booths!

And in the crowd, it is time for a presentation.
The slides were created to clearly show the vision of how to work.

I told about the goals of the GP that was put in the name of thecompany and had them know what kind of thoughts I am working with.

In addition, through the introduction of results, GP as an event company was made to communicate “What kind of weapons are we using?”

Real performance figures and partnerships with outsiders will be open as far as possible.

Above all, GP is not only planning and managing events,
work that requires comprehensive business skills,
I told that I was creating in cooperation with various partners.

About this year’s internship, in addition to the basic information such as the schedule, this time we will introduce the “Saru School where you can stay over night ” that will be the stage for the intern’s plan presentation.

They were amazed at the internship of lending the school.

A unique booth for an unfamiliar occupation and event production.
Many students visited with a feeling of “What is it?”, heard a presentation, and made their eyes shine, saying, “There are a job like this!”

Postcards were gone in two hours, and it is well received that students will also be waiting for you to hear from the beginning.

Furthermore, this time, I was devising a “Plus something” to ease the tension of the students.
The first self-introduction in the presentation said, “We are the same students as you”, and created an environment that made it easy to ask questions.
In addition to the individual questions at the venue, I received many questions by email after the end.

If it is over, 120% of seats and standings are full.
I was able to show the GP to an unprecedented number of students by making full use of the “event producing ability” that is the GP’s greatest strength.

Of course, this is not the only power of our long-term intern students.
It is a great success, thanks to all related people who cooperated and students who came to the day.
I’m really appreciate to all!

In order to make this internship a summer of evolution
in addition, we will do our best to create GLOBAL PRODUCE, which is required around the world.