• A unique novelty that thrills event attendees

A unique novelty that thrills event attendees


Hello everyone!

Well GW passed already, spring is a little bit left …
It is this time of today, how are you all spending?

Spring is also a season of encounters and partings, but when it comes to this season I will remember the graduation ceremony.
It is an important event where various emotions such as separation from friends who have struggled until now, determination and expectations to challenge the new world.

At the university graduation ceremony, I clearly remember that I received a pen and a thick notepad with the school name and logo, along with my diploma.
In fact, these “memories” are important elements that make up various events.

At events, it is common for souvenirs (novelty) to be distributed with practical items such as ballpoint pens and notebooks, on which company logos and event names are printed.
In addition, a flashing original wristband may be distributed to create a sense of event integrity.

The significance of the novelty distribution is that it belongs to the company and it is proof that it has participated in the event, and by gaining priority
For example, promotion of “internal branding” and promotion purpose such as advertising and promotion for event participants.

In recent years, in order to make the target audience more pleased, and also to prevent the commonality of regularly held events
Unique unique novelties are often distributed.

This time, I will introduce example of few ideas.
Part 1 “Unique USB”

It is rich in practicality and is very active in the business scene.
There is no doubt that the printed company logo will increase work motivation!

Part 2 “Denim Tote Bag”

It is an idea to make the bag itself that takes you materials and souvenirs back at the event a novelty.
By having many people carrying the bag of the same logo around the venue, it may also lead to advertising effects.
If you can afford your budget, it may be cute to try denim fabric like the photo!

Part 3 “Original Playing Cards”

A little playful novelty.
It may be interesting if you put a company logo on the back and a picture or illustration on the side where the numbers are written.
If you use it when playing with friends, you can appeal the loyalty to your company!

Part 4 “Logo Candy”

It is also possible to put logos on sweets and make them original specifications.
If your company name is included, you may be hesitant to eat a little,

Part 5 “Stamp”

It is also possible to create a “frame stamp” with a logo or photo inserted.
You can think of the recipient as “a stylish company”!
It is effective even when pasting materials such as DM for promotional purposes.

Part 6 “Original Coin”

Company original coin.
In fact, this was distributed to everyone who created and participated in our Christmas party.
At the time of reception, I had you randomly choose from multiple colors and interact with people who have the same color in the party.
In this way, novelty can be said to be effective as a “tool” in an event.

The appropriate novelty for distribution varies depending on the company brand image, the purpose of the event, and the participants in the event (sex ratio, age group).
We can expect further improvement in the satisfaction of the event by giving you a gift that you will be happy with from each other!

Finally, the original design paper back of the GP arrived the day before!

Don’t you think it’s cute, it’s cool and it’s a favorite of our employees.
At the time of the meeting, I put the materials and always carry around.
When you see me, I hope you’ll praise me!

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