• “New-Harajuku Station” has finally opened…how did the oldest wooden station building change?

“New-Harajuku Station” has finally opened…how did the oldest wooden station building change?


Nice to meet you!
Yamahira here for the first time!

On Saturday, March 21st, Harajuku Station was finally reborn…!

Our GP office is 3 minutes walk from Harajuku station.
This has to go! So, we explored the new station building right away!

The newly opened New-Harajuku Station is here!

原宿駅 新駅舎表参道口 表参道方面

Incidentally, the old Harajuku Station, which is the oldest existing 96 years wooden station building in Tokyo, it will be dismantled after the Tokyo Olympics. I’m going to miss it
(If it’s after the Tokyo Olympics, will the demolition be postponed too?)

原宿駅 外観旧駅舎

The 96-year-old former Harajuku station building to be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics

The new exterior of the Omotesando exit!

原宿駅 外観新駅舎 表参道口

The biggest change this time was the Omotesando exit.
The old wooden station building is different from the old one, but it has a modern structure.
There are two entrances and exits in the direction of Omotesando and Meiji Shrine.

Here is the entrance to the Omotesando area.
It’s so glassy and open, isn’t it?
On the other side, the entrance to Meiji Shrine is here.

原宿駅 新駅舎表参道口 明治神宮方面

The view is different from that of the Omotesando area, where the greenery is reflected.

By the way, the Takeshita entrance is …

原宿駅 竹下口

The exterior was almost unchanged!

It’s a bit of a relief that the old platform is still there.

The station is spacious!

原宿駅 表参道口

Until now, the road to the ticket gate was narrow and difficult to move around, but now the stairs are wide and there are escalators and elevators, making it a comfortable space.

This station is used by many people even on weekdays, so this is very helpful.

Two more platforms on the Yamanote Line!

Harajuku Station used to be a single platform, but a new platform has been added to the station to accommodate both inner and outer routes.

原宿駅 竹下口

原宿駅 竹下口 ホーム

原宿駅 竹下口 ホーム

The platform is based on greenery.
It used to be that the rush hour was a bit of a hassle.
I’m glad this is going to alleviate the congestion too!

Excellent facilities in the station!

There are also shops opening in the new Harajuku station.

Sarutahiko Coffee – The Bridge, Harajuku Station

The entrance is very stylish.

The name “The Bridge” is said to be derived from the Jingu Bridge and the Olympic Bridge right next to the store. It also means that the store hopes to be a bridge between the coffee maker and the customer, between the everyday and the extraordinary, between the past and the future.

The space is simple, but you can feel the warmth of wood.

The Sarutahiko story is showed on a big wall.
It’s like reading a flowing novel.

”Drippen”, original coffee drippers developed by Sarutahiko, is lined up in a row!

It’s nice to be able to watch the coffee brew.

The shop is decorated with Japanese modern shoji screens and large windows!

I could see the old GP office…! I miss it!

In addition to coffee, you can also eat ice-cream that is full of originality.

They also had a wide selection of Sarutahiko goods!
And the design was great too!

Originally, there were no cafes directly connected to the station in Harajuku Station.
Sarutahiko Coffee will be a valuable place to relax!

Get Harajuku souvenirs! NewDays KIOSK Harajuku Station Omotesando Exit

KIYOSUK is now open with a big renovation!
It’s a much larger space and selection than ever before.

They also sold Harajuku-style souvenirs!
It’s near the ticket gate, so it’s easy to get in.

New shop around Harajuku Station will open!

And it’s not just in the station that’s new!

Harajuku’s new spot “With Harajuku” will open in front of Harajuku Station on April.

In addition to the IKEA Harajuku, which will be IKEA’s first urban store, there will be many other shops and restaurants, including UNIQLO and Shiseido Parlor restaurants.

I’m really looking forward to it from now!

The station has become a convenient, stylish, and new station for Harajuku, a place that continues to transmit new Japanese culture!

Please come and visit the new Harajuku Station and Global Produce office!

原宿駅 表参道口