With tea ceremony × event, hospitality


Nice to meet you!
This time is the first topic, Ririka Yamashita.
One of my hobbies is the tea ceremony.
By the way, the picture below is me!

Usually this is:

My lifestyle is to go to a tea ceremony lesson on Saturday.
So I will write about the relationship between tea ceremony and events.
The essence of tea ceremony is to treat people first.

The tea ceremony spread to the world by Senri-kyu in the Azuchi Momoyama period.

Once-in-a-lifetime chance
During the Azuchi Momoyama period, the situation was fierce and might die tomorrow.
It would have been stronger than ever that members of the tea ceremony might never gather again.
Even if the same members gather, the same taste of tea, food and space can not be felt.
This “once-in-a-lifetime” event is deeply rooted in the modern tea ceremony.
That’s why the owner who entertains customers cherishes the tea ceremony and will do his best to provide the best hospitality.

When it comes to a large tea ceremony, the lord will prepare and plan for many months.
As well as tea, sweets, and Kaiseki-cuisine, we will consider what to use such as teacups and other utensils, and what will be done with the flower and axis that will play a role in directing the space, think all from scratch.
Moreover, they are not decided by leaving them to the senses appropriately, but they are decided according to the purpose and situation of the tea ceremony.
Once ready, we will send out an invitation in advance to invite you.
On the day of the day, it seems that the tea ceremony is taking a certain flow, but it is important to be able to adapt to the changing circumstances depending on the atmosphere and circumstances at that time.
In addition, the tea ceremony can not be done alone, and it is finally realized that the lord and the lord’s brother and sister work together to treat the customer.

By the way, Senri-kyu also produced Nijiriguchi, the open space to the tea room and the entrance to the tea room.

The way to the tea room is not just a road, but it is equipped with flying stones, hand-bowls and stone lanterns, and by making it like a small garden, it also serves as a space to the part before entering the tea room.
By making the mouth narrow and narrow design, we realized the extraordinary.
To put it a little more specifically, in order to go beyond Nijiriguchi, it is so large that the sword can not get caught unless the sword is put in and then entered.
It is a place where you can rest your daily life by putting on a samurai who will take care of your life and keep a sword that will control your head.
In addition, entering without a sword also created the meaning of being a place of equality, and played an important role as a place of communication.

Ummm? Don’t you think?
The tea ceremony is quite similar to the event.

We will do our best in the team to make the event one of the best.
We plan for a long time, issue an invitation letter, and respond to ad hoc changes for great success on the day.
Not only in the event venue, but also outside.
Events are also a little different from everyday life and time.
Enjoying non-daily life, you can break the power of the shoulders and enjoy pleasant encounters and communication.

You see, it looks so similar.

There are many other connections between tea ceremony and events.

Even in the event, by arranging things that can not be seen by customers, that feeling may not be connected to customer satisfaction.

Also, the tea ceremony is full of stimulation from the sense of the atmosphere with the atmosphere of the place, and the imagination is expanded, the mind is greatly affected.

Similarly, I believe that by stimulating the five senses in many ways, including not only visual and auditory events, but also the feeling of the atmosphere, we can impress our customers and attract their feelings. You
And, in the tea ceremony, creating a number of tricks that customers do not know will create the fun of discovery.
Events are the same! I think that you can enhance the feeling of excitement by sprinkling such a device.

Both tea ceremony and events are still new to me, but I would like to mutually influence each other by deepening learning and gaining experience.
As a member of the GP, we will make every effort to produce an event that is innovative and has a great “Omote-nashi(hospitality)” in the world.