• the end of EVENT PRODUCERS SCHOOL 2018 DAY1



The popular GP summer intern each year.
This year too, we started on August 4 (Saturday)!

This year’s event industry is the GP that has had a great success in exhibiting of “My Navi Intern EXPO” booth, which is exceptional, in order to attract the best students of all generations.

From the application of over 600 people, 42 outstanding students who have passed through document screening and interviews are participating!!

GP takes summer intern really seriously, what kind of thing is actually done …?
We will deliver you a few information of “Sweating on the Brain” DAY1.

On DAY1, starting with “Planning / Presentation course” by representative Kouhata, “GP research / Industry research” and “Team building” and other programs that use your head are impressive!

Deliver the best “learn” to students.
The passion for a GP summer internship is the best in the industry.

The heat of the representative Kouhata is pushed up, and I will do “the best input” for everyone! I am convinced.
Very good expression!

And this time, I prepared as a recreation of the student exchange after the study time, which was introduced in TED, “Marshmallow Challenge”!

※ What is “Marshmallow Challenge”?
It is a game that competes in height by making a tower that can stand on its own using only “pasta”, “masking tape”, “scissors” and “strings”.
It is named “Marshmallow Challenge” to put a marshmallow on top.
The time limit is 20 minutes. The world record is 99 cm!

Intern student of the expectation from GP also tried “Marshmallow Challenge!”

I saw a group of the people create a bag immediately or write a drawing, etc.
The individuality of teamwork appears.

The winning team is 92 cm!
The name supported by a solid framework of architectural instruction student guidance was “Architect Tower”!

The “Marshmallow Challenge” research shows that kindergarten children perform better than highly educated adults.
The difference is “trial and error”.

The former group took time to plan and take control of the initiative, and it seems that the latter group, who started to work from the beginning and repeatedly made many mistakes, left good results as a result.

“Don’t feel like having a job just by discussing”
“Everything can be built up after the foundation is made”

It would be nice if students could learn the importance of this business through real recreation.

Now that the relationship between the students has warmed up, we will announce a team that will spend the summer of one and a half months GP together!!

In each team, GP’s veteran leaders will thoroughly teach and support know-how in event planning, production and management in order to deliver the best learning to students.

At the beginning of the team, I asked the students to present the issues they had asked for in advance.

The task is “about things that are likely to become fashionable from now on” …
It is an issue for event producers to make full use of essential antennas.

Students who explain while holding up a presentation sheet that was buried in full despite the issue that was issued one week ago.
It was a wonderful task to get a glimpse of the bright student talent.

“New vegetarian”
“APP available as a new event tool”
“Rotating sushi, spin ○ ○!”

That’s the best student who has been selected.
Only new ideas unforeseen for GP employees …
The details are a secret for everyone who looks at TOPIC.


The last part will be divided into teams, and planning meetings will begin for DAY2’s presentation!

At the hot meeting between the leaders in the annual meeting place, the cheering of the students is exciting.

(The championship is the Yamamoto team! That’s young leader!)

Among these, may be a super event producer leading of the future event industry will born in here at this time …! ?
I can not help to take a look how students grow who have passed through EPS 2018!

GP serious summer intern, it is valuable to check in the future!!!

That’s all from intern student of Funayama!