• RampUp! Asia 2015 ended up great success!

RampUp! Asia 2015 ended up great success!


This time we will introduce “RampUp! Asia 2015”, which took place on September 17.
In this event, which started in Silicon Valley in 2010,
It brings together top-level data marketing authorities to exchange views on the challenges facing the industry and the future, and share their ideas.

If you have a hard time getting in touch with the image, I would like to imagine an overseas speech forum “TED”.
(TED…… It is not a movie of Bear(Ted)!)

And this time, “RampUp! Asia 2015”, which will be held for the first time in Asia, will be the former TV Tokyo Studio of Tokyo Tower Sakai <Star Rise Tower>

The picture below is “Light tunnel” with LED lighting.
The expectations for the sessions you will attend will be raised to the limit.
(It is also to hide the deterioration of the corridor ^ ^;)

A sofa is arranged in the lounge style in the rest area, and a spacious space is served.
Catering at the stump is a personal favorite.
Unfortunately, despite the rain, many people came to the event and the curtain went down with great success.

Me,Yamaguchi, I joined the meeting immediately after joining the company, and I helped to arrange and guide the equipment, but because since my previous job was at hotel which is differenct field, everything was in a state of quest for the first time.
Just looking back, I am very happy that my event producer’s career started at this event!
I am still a newcomer, but I would like to do my best to deliver “Happiness” to everyone!
Please watch warmly.

Then, please look forward to the next TOPICS.
Thank you for reading so far!